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TiAL Wastegate Springs (All Models)

From: $13.49
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TiAL Sport takes pride in established company reputation by designing the highest-quality engineered products for today's performance turbo market.

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From: $13.49

Any Questions?

What springs does this come with im trying to do 20psi
What is the spring pressure if the colour on the large spring is only green?
Do you have any discount codes?
Do you ship to Europe?
Do you have this in stock? How long will delivery be?

Part Description:

Springs for all TiAL wastegates, the MV-R and MV-S range have different spring configurations than older models. Below is a guide for each type.


The pressure rating of the springs varies depending on which model of wastegate it is installed in, check the table below for each spring's rating in each wastegate.

Higher spring pressures require the use of both small and large diameter springs together, when using dual springs the resulting pressure is equal to the sum of the individual springs, just add the PSI together.

Small Yellow0.253.620.202.900.1492.17
Small Red0.405.800.304.350.2283.31
Small Green0.507.250.405.800.2994.34
Small Blue0.608.700.507.250.3745.43
Large Yellow0.7010.150.608.700.4486.51
Large Red0.8011.600.7010.150.5227.58
Large Green0.9013.050.8011.600.5928.60
Large Blue1.0014.500.9013.050.6739.77


Here we show popular spring combinations to achieve your desired pressure rating, order one of each required to spec your wastegate.

BarPSISpring Colour Combinations
1.521.75Plain, Black, Blue, Yellow
1.420.30Plain, Black, Red, Yellow
1.318.85Plain, White, Blue, Green
1.217.40Black, Blue, Yellow
1.115.95Yellow, Red, Black
1.014.50Green, Blue, Black
0.913.05Green, Red, Black
0.811.60Black, Blue
0.710.15Black, Red
0.68.70Green, Blue
0.57.25Green, Red
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