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Tegiwa Brake Stopper - Honda Integra DC5


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Part Description:

Tegiwa Brake Stopper. Under heavy braking, the bulkhead by the brake master cylinder flexes, resulting in an almost spongy pedal feel. This powder coated stopper bolts to the bulkhead and brake cylinder itself, dramatically reducing this flex. This in turn leads to a significantly improved brake feel, not just on track but on the road too. An extremely cost effective and underrated modification. For ultimate results use in conjunction with HEL braided hoses and high quality fluid such as Motul RBF600. This will fit all Integra DC5 01-06.

Package Details:

24cm (9.4")
13cm (5.1")
4cm (1.4")
Actual Weight
0.28kg (9.9oz)
Dimensional Weight
0.19kg (Air Freight Minimum)

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Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Honda Integra Honda Emblem 2001-2006 DC5 (Type-R) K-Series - K20A
Honda Integra Honda Emblem 2001-2006 DC5 (Type-S) K-Series - K20A3