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H-Tune Refurbished P28 ECU (Socketed for Chipping) - Honda B/D/F/H-Series


RRP: $256.63

Special Price $213.85

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Our socketed and chipped P28 VTEC ECUs are designed for the performance enthusiast looking for the best all around tuning solution within a reasonable budget.

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RRP: $256.63

Special Price $213.85

Any Questions?

I’ve just completed an engine swap in my accord, I have a conversion harness from obd2a to obd1 do I just plus this in and it will run or do I need to buy a chip as well. As atm it had the standard Ecu for the engine but won’t start as keys and ignition are different to Ecu and so the immobiliser prevents the starting. Cheers james

I am planning to turbo my B18c4. I've bought all the necessary parts (turbo, manifold, injectors etc) but I'm completely new to this ECU world. I heard a chipped P28 is the most commonly one used, but I'm not sure on 2 things:

1) Would disabling the knock sensor harm the engine?
2) Can I install this ECU with a base map and take it to a garage to get it tuned? If so, do I need an additional chip such as Hondata or Neptune, or can they tune this ecu directly?

I am wondering if I can use a P28 for a F20B swapped EK4 99´Honda Civic?
Had the B16A2 with the 3-Pin plug for the OBD. Think its called a P2T.
Do you have any discount codes?
Do you ship to Europe?
Do you have this in stock? How long will delivery be?

Part Description:

Our factory calibration basemaps for the P28 chipped ECU's will include the necessary modifications to run trouble free in a chipped P28, ie: knock sensor disabled, IAB disabled, etc.

Our socketed and chipped P28 VTEC ECUs are designed for the performance enthusiast looking for the best all around tuning solution within a reasonable budget. All of our chipped OBD1 VTEC ECU's are either factory original P28's or a P28 equivalent. Every ECU comes from a high quality core that is first inspected and cleaned, professionally socketed with our top quality chipping components, recleaned, and tested in a running vehicle to ensure trouble free operation. The ECU casing is disassembled and glass bead blasted and ECU lids receive a black high strength powder coat for a brand new like finish. along with a pre-installed low profile ZIF socket for quick and easy chip changes.


  • Professionally socketed for long-term trouble free operation.
  • Pre-installed low profile ZIF socket allows quick and easy chip changes. (will only work with 28 pin chips, notto be used with the Moates Ostrich or Demon.)
  • Can be used on OBD0 and OBD2 applications when combined with our ECU Jumper Harnesses.
  • For even more performance and for highly modified engines, please take a look at our custom basemap programs.

Why choose a H-Tune chipped P28 ECU?

  • We are the only company that completely reconditions ECUs before shipping. All ECU cases are fully glass bead blasted to restore condition, lids are black powder coated for extreme durability and quality finish, and circuit boards are fully updated with high quality socketing components.
  • We have extensive knowledge in Honda Engine Control Systems and the experience necessary to produce a high performance ECU that can be used for a wide range of uses.
  • Every ECU we sell is fully tested on our state of the art ECU bench tester to ensure trouble free operation.
  • H-Tune ECUs are guaranteed for a full 90 days from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

For use with these tuning systems only:

  • Crome / Crome Pro
  • Hondata S100
  • Neptune (Chip Version)

Package Details:

30cm (11.8")
22cm (8.7")
5cm (2.0")
Actual Weight
0.98kg (2lb 2oz)
Dimensional Weight
0.66kg (Air Freight Minimum)

All weights/dimensions have been checked and confirmed by our warehouse team. This part is eligible for international express air freight shipping.

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