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Skunk2 Composite Fuel Rail - Honda K-Series (K20Z)

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I have a Honda FD2 Sport (Australian Version) with the K20z2, am currently doing a track/daily build and I was wondering if this fuel rail would fit on the K20z2, I would also be using the stock injectors on the aftermarket fuel rail for the time being as I am still deciding which injectors to go with, so my questions are, will they fit? And would the stock injectors work on the aftermarket rail and intake manifold.
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Part Description:

Skunk2 cutting-edge Composite Fuel Rail for the '06-'11 Civic Si is here. Skunk2 Composite Fuel Rails are made using a proprietary carbon-impregnated, aerospace thermo-polymer composite, a material that 33-percent lighter, 60-percent stronger, and operates up to 100-degrees F cooler when compared to aluminium and insulates fuel from both radiant and conductive heat transfer underneath the hood, resulting in increased horsepower and torque. Composite Fuel Rails also feature large 0.625-inch internal bores for superior fuel injector pulsation dampening, are machined with a smooth interior finish, and feature radius-cut fuel injector outlets for improved flow characteristics. The special design that eliminates the sharp internal angles where the main bore meets the fuel injector bores inherent with conventional extruded- and drilled-aluminum designs can only be achieved with such composite materials. Skunk2 K-series Composite Fuel Rails are compatible with the factory fuel system, as well as all fuels, including alcohol, and can support up to 1,200 hp, with gains as high as three percent realized during testing.
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Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2007-2011 FN2 (Type-R) K-Series - K20Z / K20Z4