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Skunk2 Alpha Dual Valve Spring & Titanium Retainers - Subaru BR-Z, Toyota GT-86


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Skunk2 is proud to introduce its Alpha Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit for the BRZ/FRS.

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Part Description:

Skunk2 is proud to introduce its Alpha Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit for the BRZ/FRS. Each kit includes Skunk2's high-quality dual valve springs and race-proven titanium retainers that are the result of nearly two decades of racing and engine building experience.

Each Alpha Valve Spring is manufactured exclusively from super-clean chrome-silicone wire milled in Japan. By using inner and outer springs mated together through a slight interference fit and with differing frequencies Alpha Valve Springs are able to prevent valve float and maintain valvetrain stability at engine speeds in excess of 10000 rpm.

Skunk2's industry-leading Alpha Titanium Retainers are designed to significantly reduce valvetrain mass resulting in more horsepower andimproved valvetrain stability. Similar to Skunk2's already popular Pro Series Titanium Retainers Alpha Titanium Retainers feature radius-cut edges for additional rocker arm clearance and reduced weight strategically positioned lightening grooves and reduced overall heights for better valve seal clearance and even further weight reduction.

Alpha Titanium Retainers are manufactured using the latest 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to ensure that each is optimized for strength as well as for reduced weight. Skunk2 engineers then test and prove their designs on the engine dyno as well as the race track. Once approved for manufacturing only medical-grade titanium that's been ultrasonically inspected and certified is used. Following CNC machining each retainer is then individually inspected to ensure proper hole diameter taper and that each are free from machining defects to ensure proper installed valve spring heights and pressures. Finally each retainer is serialized for your protection including valuable information like material batch specifics as well as production and inspection dates.

Skunk2 designs develops and tests its entire valvetrain lineup in-house to ensure superior quality and maximum performance gains. During development each valvetrain component is tested both on the dyno and the road including 11000 rpm drag racing engines and 17000 rpm superbikes. Manufactured from the best materials available Skunk2 valvetrain components provide exceptional performance reliability and quality and remain standard-issue on each Skunk2 vehicle that we build and support.

Seat Pressure: 62lbs
Open Pressure:170lbs

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