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Our Price-Matching Policy

The Only Store to Match USA Prices

We have a loyal customer base, and our price-matching policy is one of the ways we ensure we can always provide to them at the best possible prices. On this page we'll outline our policy to make the details clear for everyone: what we'll match and when we won't.

Calculating the Price

As we offer free delivery above £50 and will always cover any associated import fees unlike many other stores, we match the delivered price of any item for a fair comparison. For example, if ordering from the USA, this includes the postage cost, insurance if applicable, import duty, VAT and dependent on courier used, the fee they charge to collect this from you.

The vast majority of the time, customers will come to us to match a price, and when we outlay the figures they realise we're already quite a bit cheaper than another store when looking at the complete cost to their door. Let's give an example:

Acme Corp. (USA) H-Tune (UK)
Item Price $120 (£76.45) £99.99
Delivery Cost $42 (£26.76) Free
Import Duty £10.32 None
VAT £22.70 Included
Courier Charge (DHL) £14 None
Total Cost £150.23 £99.99

While we already normally come in cheaper, if you want us to calculate and if needed match prices with those of a USA store, feel free to get in touch.

It's worth noting, goods imported by an individual with a value of over £1,000 will be held by customs and require an official EORI number to process and be released, this also often results in customs undertaking an independent valuation on the goods to see if they agree with the given import declaration. We have no difficulty with any of the above as a registered Economic Operator, we also can ship faster than US stores as well as many of our competitors.

Advertised Prices

We'll match any price publicly advertised price which we can verify for ourselves. This includes other websites, catalogues or eBay. The item must be in-stock and purchasable at the time we're asked to match.

Occasionally we come across someone who tries to game the system, they create eBay listings themselves, find an old catalogue or a defunct website. In these circumstances we'll use our best judgement to ascertain whether the product truly can be bought at that price.


We do reserve the right to refuse any price-matching request, at the time of writing that's never happened with a genuine request. We'll even occasionally taken a loss on an order just to honour our policy - we pride ourselves on being fair and always will be.

How to Request Price-Matching

Just head over to our Customer Services page, select the "Price-Match" option and fill in the details requested. We'll attempt to get back to any request as quickly as possible.