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Motorspec Front Wheel Bearing (Individual) - Honda Civic EP3, Integra DC5, Accord CL7/CL9, S2000, CR-V


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OEM quality at a price much less than original Honda.

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Part Description:

Quality bearings without the OEM price tag, suitable for all Honda Civic EP3 Type-R, Integra DC5 Type-R, Accord CL7/CL9, S2000 and 1st/2nd Gen CR-V.

Product Guarantee:

Motorspec take huge pride in the quality of the products that we create, because of that we are able to offer a hassle free one year guarantee on all parts sold.

If a part did happen to break or stop working as intended subject to normal use, when evidenced it will be replaced completely free of charge. We understand that sometimes a part can't be returned before a replacement is received, and that is why we're happy for you to create a replacement order that will be refunded as soon as we receive the damaged parts (within the UK we'll even refund your shipping costs)- buy with confidence.

Package Details:

9cm (3.5")
9cm (3.5")
5cm (1.8")
Actual Weight
0.92kg (2lb 0oz)
Dimensional Weight
0.07kg (Air Freight Minimum)

All weights/dimensions have been checked and confirmed by our warehouse team. This part is eligible for international express air freight shipping.

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Vehicle Fitment

This fitment information has been checked and reviewed by our staff.

Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2003-2008 CL7 (Euro-R) K-Series - K20A
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2003-2005 CL7/CM1 (Base) K-Series - K20A6
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2006-2008 CL7/CM1 (Base) K-Series - K20Z2
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2003-2008 CL9/CM2 (Type-S/Exec) K-Series - K24A / K24A3
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2004-2008 CN1/CN2 (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2008 CU1/CW1 (2.0) R-Series - R20A3
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2008 CU2/CW2 (2.4) K-Series - K24Z / K24Z4
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2008 CU2/CW3 (i-DTEC) N-Series - N22B
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2001-2006 EP3 (Type-R) K-Series - K20A / K20A2
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 1997-2001 RD B-Series - B20B / B20Z
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 2002-2005 RD (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 2002-2005 RD (i-VTEC) K-Series - K20A4
Honda S2000 Honda Emblem 1999-2011 AP1 F20C
Honda S2000 Honda Emblem 2004-2011 AP2 (Facelift) F22C