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Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plate

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Part Description:

The Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plate is a lightweight high-flow sandwich plate built from 6061 aluminium. The built-in thermostat prevents oil flow to the cooler until the engine oil reaches activating temperature allowing for both a faster warmup at startup and extra oil system protection in cold climates. The included 185°F (85°C) thermostat can be changed with a 160°F (71°C) or 200°F (93°C) unit adding unparalleled control over your desired engine oil operating temperature. Also includes a 1/8" NPT threaded hole on the side for oil sensors.


Overall Size
4.02" x 3.11" x 1.18"
(2) - M20 x 1.5 Ports
Purchase Includes
(1) – Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plate
(1) – Rubber O-ring
(1) – Built-in Thermostat (185°F / 85°C)
(1) – Black 1/8" NPT Plug Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
It is the installer's responsibility to check all thermostat plugs NPT plugs line fittings and other connections to assure they are fully tightened before operating the vehicle. Mishimoto recommends that you check all connections at regular intervals especially during the first few miles after installation.


Package Details:

15cm (5.7")
11cm (4.5")
6cm (2.5")
Actual Weight
0.57kg (1lb 4oz)
Dimensional Weight
0.19kg (Air Freight Minimum)

All weights/dimensions have been checked and confirmed by our warehouse team. This part is eligible for international express air freight shipping.

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