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Mishimoto Silicone Turbo Hose Kit (Red) - Nissan 300ZX

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Part Description:

Mishimoto Nissan 300ZX silicone turbo hoses are made with a dual layer combining high grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers to provide efficient heat reduction and increased pressure tolerance. Mishimoto 300ZX turbo hoses are a direct OEM replacement fit. Perfect for your Nissan.


Interior Material
Heat-Resistant Embedded Fibers
Exterior Material
Max Temperature
Inner Diameter
Hose 1: 2.01"
Hose 2: X = 2.01" Y = 2.36"
Hose 3: X = 2.01" Y = 2.36"
Hose 4: 2.01"
Outer Diameter
Hose 1: 2.32"
Hose 2: X = 2.32" Y = 2.7"
Hose 3: X = 2.32" Y = 2.7"
Hose 4: 2.32"
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Vehicle Fitment

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Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Nissan 300ZX Nissan Emblem 1989 Z31 VG30 - VG30ET (3.0L Turbo)
Nissan 300ZX Nissan Emblem 1989-2000 Z32 VG30 - VG30DETT (3.0L Turbo)
Nissan 300ZX Nissan Emblem 1989-2000 Z32 VG30 - VG30ET (3.0L Turbo)