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Mishimoto High-Pressure Radiator Cap (1.3 Bar) - Carbon Fibre


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Part Description:

Mishimoto has developed a carbon fiber radiator cap to enhance the style of your engine bay while maintaining the pressure in your cooling system. Getting the most out of your performance parts comes down to the details. When faced with hard driving conditions a vehicle's cooling system becomes highly pressurized. OEM caps are not equipped to handle higher pressure causing fluid to leak out into the overflow reservoir.

The Mishimoto radiator cap is rated at a higher pressure and will keep coolant where it needs to be-flowing within the system. The sleek carbon fiber exterior will add an unexpected touch of style. Constructed from hand laid carbon fiber. Rated at 1.3 Bar (19 lbs pressure). Fits most import vehicles.


Constructed from hand laid carbon fiber
Fits Most Import Vehicles
This product will not fit on stock KTM Radiators
Pressure Tolerance
1.3 Bar (19 lbs)
31-32mm Fill Necks

Package Details:

10cm (4.0")
10cm (4.0")
6cm (2.3")
Actual Weight
0.11kg (4oz)
Dimensional Weight
0.12kg (Air Freight Minimum)

All weights/dimensions have been checked and confirmed by our warehouse team. This part is eligible for international express air freight shipping.

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