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Millers Trident Professional Engine Oil (1/5 Litres)

Millers Oils

RRP: $14.12

Special Price $10.12

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British born and bred, Millers is fast becoming one of the most popular oil manufacturers for performance cars. Pioneers of the Nanodrive low-friction technology.

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RRP: $14.12

Special Price $10.12

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Part Description:

Extremely popular due to the high-quality for the price, Millers Trident is a general all-purpose engine oil formulated to meet the latest requirements for engines operating under severe conditions. While not part of the Nanodrive range, it's chosen by many owners maintaining performance road cars that don't generally see the track.

Available in both 5w-30 semi-synthetic and 5w-40 fully-synthetic viscocities.


The most widely used specification for slightly older petrol engines, or more demanding modern engines where a slightly thicker 5w-40 is still required. Also suitable for turbo charged engines.


The second most common viscosity, suitable for use in all petrol and diesel engines including the latest Euro VI emissions standards. Diesel owners, this blend is fully compatible with diesel particle filters (DPF).

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