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Millers Motorsport Clutch/Brake Fluid (DOT4/DOT5.1)

Millers Oils
From: $16.33
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British born and bred, Millers is fast becoming one of the most popular oil manufacturers for performance cars. Pioneers of the Nanodrive low-friction technology.

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From: $16.33

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Part Description:

Millers Motorsport Brake Fluids are designed to help perform at the maximum potential of your braking system. We offer the two most chosen types, an all-out racing DOT4 with an extremely high boiling point, and a more all-purpose DOT5.1 designed for extended use in daily drivers, and also suitable for the clutch system.

While many brake systems can be well bled on 500-1000ml without issue, it never hurts to grab an extra bottle in-case of stubborn air pockets. For a dry master cylinder/lines/calipers rebuild, you may require 2 litres or more.

Performance DOT5.1

A long-lasting high performance fluid designed for all types of brake and clutch systems requiring it. Highly suitable for ABS (anti-lock brake systems). DOT5.1 is interchangable with DOT3/DOT4 (also non-silicone based fluids), however it's not interchangeable with the fairly uncommon DOT5 specification.

Racing DOT4

Hold no bounds, Millers Racing DOT4 is revered for it's extremely high dry-boiling point of at least 310˚C. It provides exceptional resistance to vapour locking and good compressibility for improved brake feel. Use as received for racing and high-performance braking systems where a non-mineral fluid is required and high braking temperatures are experienced. Extended performance DOT 4+ formulation suitable for high performance road cars, track day and competition use.

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