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Millers Alpine Antifreeze Engine Coolant (Blue/Red)

Millers Oils

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British born and bred, Millers is fast becoming one of the most popular oil manufacturers for performance cars. Pioneers of the Nanodrive low-friction technology.

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RRP: $16.38

Special Price $13.15

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Part Description:

Remember to change your coolant! Millers Alpine Antifreeze is a high quality engine coolant suitable for all-round use in cooling systems of all petrol/diesel engines. Both the red and blue varieties are concentrates which can be mixed with water to suit (preferably distilled), details of ratios below.

Red is the top choice for most being an OAT coolant as required for most modern vehicles, it differs to the traditional blue mixture by increasing corrosion protection and durability, although it does not protect to the temperature drop of the more traditional blue coolant. Any questions, feel free to drop us a quick message.

Suitable for 2 years use. An Ethylene Glycol based high quality corrosion inhibited coolant which surpasses BS 6580 industry standard.

  • Provides protection down to -13°C when mixed 4:1 (with 25% coolant).
  • Provides protection down to -23°C when mixed 3:1 (with 33% coolant).
  • Provides protection down to -42°C when mixed 2:1 (with 50% coolant).

Suitable for 5 years use. A Monoethylene Glycol based coolant utilising OAT (organic acid technology) with superior corrosion protection for all metals found in the cooling system..

  • Provides protection down to -20°C when mixed 3:1 (with 33% coolant).
  • Provides protection down to -37°C when mixed 2:1 (with 50% coolant).

Millers Coolant Features:

  • Excellent corrosion protection for engine components including steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminium and solder.
  • Superior anti-foam properties.
  • No silicates, nitrates, amines, borates or phosphates, leading to improved stability and freedom from scale and deposits.
  • Suitable for use with both hard and soft water.
  • Long shelf life under normal ambient temperatures.
  • Nitrate free formulation.
  • Built in alkalinity reserve ensures corrosion protection is provided over long periods of use.
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