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Innovative Uprated Engine Mount Kits (Stock Replacement/Engine Swap)

Innovative Mounts

RRP: $279.59

Special Price $232.31

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Innovative Mounts provide uprated engine mounts for high performance use, as well as other innovative solutions for engine/transmission swaps.

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RRP: $279.59

Special Price $232.31

Any Questions?

Do you have mounts for a f18b2 engine going into a 95 ej1 civic coupe pls
Hi can i get a price on honda civic ef b series mounts full kit
What ist the actuator Option on this engine Mount kit?
Do you have any discount codes?
Do you ship to Europe?
Do you have this in stock? How long will delivery be?

Part Description:

Innovative Mounts provide uprated engine mounts for high performance use, as well as other innovative solutions for engine/transmission swaps. Popular mounts are often available in a machined billet aluminium finish in addition to standard black steel powdercoating. To have your engine mount kit custom painted, or with customised bush colours - just drop us a message. Customised kits can take 6-8 weeks to be made. Any other out of stock kits will be delivered on our weekly factory order from Innovative.

Engine mounts can be a jungle, we've tried our best to compile Innovative's mount catalog into a simple set of dropdown menus. To find out more about what's included in each kit, you can refer to Innovative Mount's website. If you want to double check anything with us, just drop us a message as always.

If your car is mainly a road car, go for these! We cannot advise these mounts enough for customers pushing upto 300 BHP who drive on the road. When you start to go stiffer, there will be more vibration noticed.

If you are pushing power levels around 300 Bhp+ and want a stiffer mount that the 65A, then this is the mount for you. This its a great choice of mount for a car which is used on the road and for occasional track use.

Ideally, you do not want to be using this bushing on a "Daily Driver" as it is more focussed towards track and race vehicles. Stiffer construction allowing for a more solid feel, but at the compromise of some vibration if driven on uneven road surfaces.

Similar to the 85A, you do not want this kit on your daily driver, but it will be perfect for your track / race car. Offering maximum stiffness and power handling capabilities.

Honda B/D-Series 2-Bolt vs 3-Bolt:

Simply look at your transmission side engine mount (UK passengers side, European drivers), you'll either have 3 bolts in a triangular formation or 2 bolts side by side. Choose the same as your set-up, or you can swap between them when using a matching post mount (available separately).

2 vs. 3 Bolt Post Mount on Civic and Integra (B/D-Series)

Honda Cable vs. Hydraulic Gearbox:

Early Honda engines up to 1991 used a basic cable style clutch set-up, from 1992 onwards hydraulic pressure was utilised (aka. "hydro"). Hydraulic conversions in earlier models are common, some mount kits will also include the actuator. If you're at all unsure, just drop us a message.


  • Mounts include unique no-tear vibration minimising bushes.
  • CAD/CAM designed with precision.
  • Stress analysed during research and development.
  • Positions the engine with no axle bind.
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty, first year through us.

Innovative Engine Mounts are built for performance driving. Although Innovative's bushes are made to absorb engine vibration, you may still notice vibration depending on your engine's series and HP. Remember, uprated engine mounts naturally have stiffer bushings than stock. Innovative Mounts also remove the dampening oil system utilising on some OEM/stock mounts. Switching to stiffer mounts without the fluid atrributes to the reduced wheel hop and increases driving response.

Fitment & Warranty:

Please ensure that mounts/brackets visually fit before you attempting to install them. By bolting them you may leave bolt impressions (witness marks) on the surfaces, or run the risk of scratching them. We can't accept returns which can no longer be resold as new. But as ever, just drop us a message with any fitment queries before ordering.

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