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Genuine Honda RRC Intake Manifold (Modified 70mm) - Civic EP3, Integra DC5 K20A

Genuine Honda
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The renowned top performing Honda OEM intake manifold for K-Series engines, surpassing most aftermarket alternatives.

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Further Information:

The RRC manifold from the JDM Civic Type-R (FD2) is well regarded as the best all-round intake manifold for performance K-Series engines. Replacing stock EP3 manifolds, it's easy to see gains of 15hp. Even owners of the heavy Accord K24 regard this as the only potential replacement for their stock RBB, as it's able to pack punches on the level of torque offered while far excelling at the top of the band.

It's rival choice is the RBC manifold from the Accord Euro-R, while a cheaper alternative, the RRC offers gains as high as 7-10hp at the top of the band, and 20lb/ft torque increase in the more useable mid-range - it's easy to see why this manifold is held in such high regard.

Here at H-Tune, we think numbers talk, check out Super Street's K-Series Intake Manifold Shootout for some proper facts and figures.

This manifold is a bolt on for the CL7/FN2 (K20A RBC/K20Z4) and only needs minor hose rerouting for the CL9 (K24A3) with a 65mm throttle body. For EP3/DC5 (K20A2/K20A PRC) owners the slam panel will need to be trimmed in order to physically fit this manifold into the bay, the waterport also needs to be cut which we offer as a service above, please research exactly what's required for your vehicle, there's plenty of information about the web.

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Vehicle Fitment

This fitment information has been checked and reviewed by our staff.

Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2002-2008 CL7 (Euro-R) K-Series - K20A
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2002-2005 CL7/CM1 (Base) K-Series - K20A6
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2006-2008 CL7/CM1 (Base) K-Series - K20Z2
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2002-2008 CL9/CM2 (Type-S/Exec) K-Series - K24A / K24A3
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2001-2006 EP2/EV1 (Type-S) K-Series - K20A3
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2001-2006 EP3 (Type-R) K-Series - K20A / K20A2
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2007-2011 FD2 (JDM Type-R) K-Series - K20A
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2007-2011 FN2 (Type-R) K-Series - K20Z / K20Z4
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 2002-2006 RD (i-VTEC) K-Series - K20A4
Honda FR-V (Edix) Honda Emblem 2004-2007 BE (i-VTEC) K-Series - K20A9
Honda Integra Honda Emblem 2001-2006 DC5 (Type-R) K-Series - K20A
Honda Integra Honda Emblem 2001-2006 DC5 (Type-S) K-Series - K20A3