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Genuine Honda i-CTDi Diesel Timing Chain Kit

Genuine Honda

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Maintain your car just as Honda intended. As with all Honda parts expect perfect fit and performance every time.

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Part Description:

Honda 2.2 Diesel Timing Kit. Over time the chains can stretch causing the ecu to throw a light and often need to be replaced on engines that are nearing 100000 miles. Maintain your engine just as Honda intended.

Includes part numbers:

  • 14401-RBD-E01 Chain
  • 14410-RBD-E01 Tensioner
  • 14420-RBD-E01 Arm
  • 14430-RBD-E01 Guide
  • 14440-RMA-E01 Guide.

This kit also includes the oil pump chain and tensioner kit:

  • 13441-RBD-E01 Chain
  • 13450-RBD-E01 Tensioner
  • 13460-RBD-E01 Guide
  • 13470-RBD-E01 Arm
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Vehicle Fitment

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Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2004-2008 CN1/CN2 (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2006-2011 FN/FK3 (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 2002-2006 RD (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 2006-2010 RE (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A
Honda FR-V (Edix) Honda Emblem 2004-2011 BE5 (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A