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Genuine Honda Green Engine Oil - 4 Litres (Hybrid/Diesel)

Genuine Honda

RRP: $67.04

Special Price $48.39

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Top performing premium quality oils tested by Honda R&D.

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RRP: $67.04

Special Price $48.39

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Part Description:

Hybrid engine owners should strictly use genuine oil, most other oils of the same viscosity lack the unique protective properties required to maintain the engine over extended periods.

Genuine Honda Engine Oils are premium quality oils tested by Honda R&D. They conform to international specifications of JASO (Japanese Automobile Standard Organization) MA & MB. Developed keeping in mind the varied driving styles of different owners, from the most demanding driver who's frequently hard on their engine, to family vehicles used for frequent short trips.

  • Ensures maximum engine performance and protection.
  • Increases fuel efficiency.
  • Lowers emissions output.
  • Protects the engine under extreme operating conditions.
  • Meets Honda’s demanding specifications.
  • Specified as the only oil for our newer, advanced engine designs.
  • Helps prevent the formation of sludge and deposits.

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. That's why Honda takes countless steps to blend and test Genuine Motor Oils for maximum performance in each vehicle. Using the Honda Genuine Motor Oil intended for your specific model means that you’ll receive maximum fuel economy and engine performance -- something after-market motor oils simply can’t provide.


A lubricant that overpowers the frictional resistance to reduce wear & tear and gives your engine a longer life.


An oil to seal the clearances within your engine and gives you maximum power of your engine.


Oil that cools and soothes your engine under extreme conditions of heat.


Oil that not only lubricates but also cleans, to give your engine sludge free life.

Anti Rust

An unseen but vital role played to prevent your engine's metallic parts from corrosion.

Fuel Economy

Oil that resists oxidation & prevents itself from thickening , thus reduced friction and better fuel economy.

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Vehicle Fitment

This fitment information has been checked and reviewed by our staff.

Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2004-2008 CN1/CN2 (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2008-2015 CU2/CW3 (i-DTEC) N-Series - N22B
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2012-2016 FK/FG/FB (i-DTEC) N-Series - N22B
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2006-2011 FN/FK3 (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 2002-2006 RD (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 2006-2010 RE (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 2011-2012 RE (i-DTEC) N-Series - N22B
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 2013-2016 RM (i-DTEC) N-Series - N16A
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 2013-2016 RM (i-DTEC) N-Series - N22B
Honda CR-Z Honda Emblem 2010-2016 ZF1 All
Honda CR-Z Honda Emblem 2013-2016 ZF2 All
Honda FR-V (Edix) Honda Emblem 2004-2011 BE5 (i-CTDi) N-Series - N22A