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Genuine Honda Camshaft Seal - B/H-Series

Genuine Honda

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Genuine Honda, real replacement parts for your car as it was originally built with - keep your Honda, a Honda. Perfect fitment and function everytime.

Any Questions?

Hi will this Honda Cam seal fit my 1993 Prelude JDM 2.2L F22B engine DOHC

2.2L Non Vtec
Engine F22B
cc 2156
VIN: BA81105796
Engine Number 6975011
Do you have any discount codes?
Do you ship to Europe?
Do you have this in stock? How long will delivery be?

Part Description:

Genuine Honda camshaft seal (price is each). Please order 2 seals for one engine (dual cam). Size: 29x43x8

Fits Vehicles:

  • Civic 88-91 VTEC
  • Civic 92-95 VTi
  • Civic 96-00 VTi/Type-R
  • Civic 95-01 5drs VTi
  • CR-X 88-91 VTEC
  • CR-X Del Sol 92-98 VTi
  • Prelude 92-96 2.2 Vtec
  • Prelude 97-01 2.2 VTi/VTi-S
  • Accord 98-02 Type-R
  • Integra 94-00 GS-R/Type-R

Package Details:

10cm (3.9")
8cm (3.3")
1cm (0.3")
Actual Weight
0.01kg (0.2oz)
Dimensional Weight
0.00kg (Air Freight Minimum)

All weights/dimensions have been checked and confirmed by our warehouse team. This part is eligible for international express air freight shipping.

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Vehicle Fitment

This fitment information has been checked and reviewed by our staff.

Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 1993-1997 CC/CD/CE H-Series - H23A
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 1993-1997 CF2 (SiR) H-Series - H22A
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 1999-2002 CH1 (Type-R) H-Series - H22A / H22A7
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 1999-2002 CL1 (Euro-R) H-Series - H22A / H22A7
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 1988-1991 EF9/EE9 (SiR) B-Series - B16A / B16A1
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 1992-1995 EG6 (SiR) B-Series - B16A / B16A2
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 1996-2000 EK4 (VTi/VTi-S) B-Series - B16A / B16A2
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 1997-2000 EK9 (Type-R) B-Series - B16B
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 1996-2000 MB6/MC2 (VTi/VTi-S) B-Series - B18C4
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 1995-2001 RD B-Series - B20B / B20Z
Honda CR-X Honda Emblem 1987-1991 EF8/EE8 (SiR) B-Series - B16A / B16A1
Honda CR-X Honda Emblem 1991-1997 EG/EH (Del Sol) B-Series - B16A / B16A2
Honda Integra Honda Emblem 1989-1993 DA/DB B-Series - B16A / B18A / B18A1 / B18A2
Honda Integra Honda Emblem 1994-2000 DC2/DB8 (Type-R) B-Series - B18C / B18C5
Honda Prelude Honda Emblem 1983-1991 BA B-Series - B20A / B21A
Honda Prelude Honda Emblem 1992-1996 BB H-Series - H22A / H22A1 / H22A2
Honda Prelude Honda Emblem 1997-2001 BB H-Series - H22A / H22A4 / H22A5 / H22A8
Honda Prelude Honda Emblem 1992-1996 BB2 H-Series - H23A