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Ferrea VTEC Killer Roller Rocker System - Honda B-Series


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Part Description:

The Ferrea new and optimized Special “Aluminum-Magnesium Roller Rocker System” was designed and developed by Ferrea to replace the factory “Steel Rocker Arm System” and eliminate the V-TEC Function. Factors such as weight, mass moment of inertia, deflection, and cycle durability are taken into account throughout the design and testing process.


  • Premium Material: We use special high quality 70 Series Aerospace Aluminum-Magnesium
  • Alloy, heat-treated to provide superior strength. Manufacturing: Fully CNC machined, profiled for weight reduction, (OEM unit weighs 110% more) which improves moment of inertia, and increases the RPM range of Valvetrain.
  • Roller Wheel: The Roller Needle Bearing prevents roller from skidding across the camshaft surface, unlike the (OEM) stock rocker pad, thus reducing friction dramatically.
  • Tool Steel Pin: The Tool Steel Roller Pin is compressed between the rocker to stabilize the rocker motion throughout the entire RPM range.
  • Installation: Ferrea's Roller Rocker System comes with all hardware and requires no head modifications for installation.
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Vehicle Fitment

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Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 1988-1991 EF9/EE9 (SiR) B-Series - B16A / B16A1
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 1992-1995 EG6 (SiR) B-Series - B16A / B16A2
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 1996-2000 EK4 (VTi/VTi-S) B-Series - B16A / B16A2
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 1997-2000 EK9 (Type-R) B-Series - B16B
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 1996-2000 MB6/MC2 (VTi/VTi-S) B-Series - B18C4
Honda CR-V Honda Emblem 1995-2001 RD B-Series - B20B / B20Z
Honda CR-X Honda Emblem 1987-1991 EF8/EE8 (SiR) B-Series - B16A / B16A1
Honda CR-X Honda Emblem 1991-1997 EG/EH (Del Sol) B-Series - B16A / B16A2
Honda Integra Honda Emblem 1989-1993 DA/DB B-Series - B16A / B18A / B18A1 / B18A2
Honda Integra Honda Emblem 1994-2000 DC2/DB8 (Type-R) B-Series - B18C / B18C5
Honda Prelude Honda Emblem 1983-1991 BA B-Series - B20A / B21A