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Ferrea 6000 Series Intake/Exhaust Valves Set (STD) - Honda F20C/F22C


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F6330 x8 F6329 x8
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Part Description:

Ferrea 6000 Series Competition Valves use a two-step slow forging process using EV8 stainless steel and are designed to provide excellent reliability in an environment of high spring pressures and roller cams at a budget price.

They have higher fatigue resistance and tensile strengths than their competitors's best offerings. These valve can also be used in Drag and Oval Track racing applications.

Intake Specifications:

  • Head Diameter: 36mm
  • Stem Diameter: 5.48mm
  • Overall Length: 109.8mm
  • Tip Length: 2.5mm
  • Reference: Super Flo. Stock size.

Intake Specifications:

  • Head Diameter: 31mm
  • Stem Diameter: 5.46mm
  • Overall Length: 109 mm
  • Tip Length: 2.5mm
  • Reference: Flo. Stock size. Special Alloy

Package Details:

31cm (12.0")
30cm (11.8")
18cm (6.9")
Actual Weight
1.62kg (3lb 9oz)
Dimensional Weight
3.06kg (Air Freight Minimum)

All weights/dimensions have been checked and confirmed by our warehouse team. This part is eligible for international express air freight shipping.

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Vehicle Fitment

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Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Honda S2000 Honda Emblem 1999-2011 AP1 F20C
Honda S2000 Honda Emblem 2004-2011 AP2 (Facelift) F22C