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CT Engineering Heat Resistant Intake Manifold Gasket - Honda K20A3/K20Z4/K24A3

CT Engineering

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We currently have no regular stock order from CT Engineering, and are only handling their superchargers and larger custom order parts. This is mostly due to extremely long lead times, which we believe isn't fair to our customers for smaller parts where alternatives may be available.

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Part Description:

The stock Intake Manifold Gasket is very thin (.010" or .25mm) and made of metal. This allows a tremendous amount of heat to be transferred to the Intake Manifold. As the Intake Manifold heats up, the Intake Air Charge is also heated; leading to a loss of power. The CT Engineering Heat Resistant Intake Manifold Gasket is much thicker (.134" or 3.40mm) and made of Synthetic Fiber Nitrile Binder. This Gasket has better sealing properties (less chance of leaks), and transfers less heat to the Intake Manifold than other competing Gaskets.

Same Intake Manifold Gasket as supplied in the CT Engineering RSX-S Supercharger Kit


  • Application: Honda Civic Type-R FN2, Accord CL9, Civic/Integra Type-S 01-06
  • Installation time: 3 hours +/-

This gasket is rather expensive as an item to ship individually, the price will come down in price when we have it here for stocking, or can be discounted if shipped with other CT-E products.

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Vehicle Fitment

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Car Model Years Type/Chassis Engine
Honda Accord Honda Emblem 2002-2008 CL9/CM2 (Type-S/Exec) K-Series - K24A / K24A3
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2001-2006 EP2/EV1 (Type-S) K-Series - K20A3
Honda Civic Honda Emblem 2007-2011 FN2 (Type-R) K-Series - K20Z / K20Z4
Honda Integra Honda Emblem 2001-2006 DC5 (Type-S) K-Series - K20A3