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CT Engineering Bolt-On Supercharger Kit - Honda Accord CL9/CM2

CT Engineering

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The ultimate bolt-on supercharger kit for Accord owners, adds approximately 50 Horsepower and 30 lb/ft. of Torque at the wheels.

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Part Description:

CT Engineering has developed a Supercharger Kit for the Honda Accord that increases power by approximately 50 horsepower at the wheels. The supercharger uses an “Eaton-type” design that provides consistent boost and compresses the intake charge efficiently with a minimal increase in the intake air temperature. This combination provides almost instant boost that increases low and mid-range torque for excellent throttle response.

The kit is complete with cast aluminum supercharger manifolds, all mounting brackets, as well as all necessary hardware. The kit requires no major modifications, and the car can be easily returned to stock.


  • Adds approximately 50 Horsepower and 30 lb/ft. of Torque at the wheels
  • Torque band is widened to between 3,000 and 7,000 RPM
  • Very linear increase in boost as RPMs increase
  • Impressive mid-range throttle response and top-end performance
  • Completely "bolt-on" kit requires no engine modifications
  • Includes tool to modify factory Fuel Pressure Regulator (located in the fuel tank) to the exact pressure required by the Supercharger, and a new Intake Tube to connect either the stock air intake or CT Engineering Cold Air Intake Kit
  • Utilizes the Eaton M62 blower, making approximately 5psi of boost
  • Tuning is handled by both the CT Engineering ACM (Advanced Control Module) & FlashPro Basemap provided by CT
  • ACM comes with complete wiring harness. No cutting or splicing of wires is required
  • Ordinarily VTEC is lowered to 3,000 RPM from 6,000, and Camshaft Angle is advanced to 20 degrees between 2,000 to 7,000 RPM only under boost conditions
  • Application: 02-08 Honda Accord
  • Installation time: 7 hours +/-

CT-Engineering supercharger kits require engine management in place, ordinarily Hondata's FlashPro. A full guide can be found here courtesy of H-Tune staff member, Leo.

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