Civic/5th Gen Zoaib's B18 EG

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    I’ve just started a C4 swap so I thought I may as well makea brief build up thread. It’s pretty much the story of my car since it has beenin my ownership. I’ll keep it brief but I’m cramming around 2 years of historyinto this, so forgive me if not everything is chronologically correct.

    The Car is an EG3 Bali (pretty much a dx in all ways).

    I bought it completely standard, D13b2, around 110k on theclocks back in 2009. It was misfiring every now and then but I replaced theignition coil within a dizzy around a year later and it solved that.

    First few mods: 17” double5 spoke chav rims. I actually thought they were cool for a worryingly longtime.

    These rims but on my car:

    TYC angel eyes (later put HIDs in),

    Square number plates

    Looked like this for some time:


    I ditched them chav rims and got some coupe alloys in 14’s-sprayed them mostly black aside from the centre caps (at first). (The ride wassmoother and handling better on the 14s compared to those filthy 17s, justthought I’d mention that)

    Sprayed the front bumper, bonnet, roof, tailgate, and rearbumper black.






    I played with the fuses to make the angel eyes turn on whenthe sidelight switch was on. Also adjusted the HIDs


    20072010445. 20072010446.





    I fitted some front lowering springs on with standardshocks, no pics of that I’m afraid.

    Here’s a pic from an Eastside Meet back in the winter a longtime ago.. Many thanks to my brother Danish Latif for the photography


    I then bought a Spoon Rep fibreglass lip off [email protected], Ididn’t have any pics of it fitted but it wasn’t too long before I snapped it.


    Did a little DIYfibreglass repair you can find thatthread here:


    All fixed up here: a5ad617d.

    And first pic of it fitted



    Bought a set of cup holders, and a wheel and boss kit. d980b768.


    I sold those angel eyes and stuck the standard headlightsback on.

    Visited [email protected] Teishi later in the year, got a red battery tiedown, HID kit, mugen pedals (which ISTILL haven’t fitted!), front and rear tow hooks, - only fitted the rear.



    Bought a set of EP3seats, took an armrest from an Lsi and covered it in black suede with redstitching cloth.


    Bought some Rear ITR seas off EG6CIVIC, along with a Type Rgear knob.


    I bought an EP3 gaitor and it fitted tightly on the EGgearstick surround thing lol



    I did a DIY door card pocket thing by cutting out holes forthe pocket inserts from an

    Lsi and stuck them into my Bali door pockets.

    Thread is here:



    Previous Chav owner of my car decided to paint the heatervents and dial surround dark red- I found time to finally spray them blackagain.



    HIDs fitted into headlight


    Also painted the corners amber- didn’t turn out well solater ditched it, but also did a JDM/USDM headlight conversion using orangeLEDs



    Refreshed the coupe alloys all matte black- white Hondabadge with TipEx lol, and Brembo stickers (sad i know)


    Some pics from the Hayai Shoot in March 11 (Many thanks toDanish again):





    Some seller on eBay messed me around for something later inthe year, I threatened to leave negative feedback so he sent me a free goody tomake me happy:


    Spoon style Duckbill from Hond-R


    Somewhere in between I must have completed spraying the restof the car Matte Black. In total it was around 25 500ml cans for the wholething (yep the whole car was aerosol can sprayed). Also got JDM DC2 Slim sideindicators.




    I bought these D2 coilovers from Shandow, they came fromKadirs old EG6


    Quick Clean and it turned out like this:


    Went to [email protected] again for some LCAs and a Broadway mirror


    I bought a blue one with blue tint off Teishi, but swappedit for a black broadway with my boy yassinkara


    Spoon style Mirrors :


    Fitted these Reverse glow dials:



    My bumper was cracked so picked up one from the scrappy. Wasin bad shape with cracks so I had to ‘plastic weld’ that. Also smoothed it:







    Bought some SMD led's too and fitted them.


    A few months ago I must have cracked the lip again, this ismy second lip repair.



    Picked up these headlights:


    Took off that orange film, cleaned and fitted:




    Painted my engine cover too and got some proper Ambers.

    This pic was taken 3 days ago before I began the conversion:



    Updates on the conversion to follow, thanks for reading.
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  2. Ramz007 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Knew you couldn't resist making one :Wink:

    Car looks serioussss here, saw it before..didnt know it was urs!


    Loookin good bro! I was worried thinking you kept the angel eyes :Tongue:

    Will check it out when i come get the crane

    (Nike reservoir socks...seriously? lol)
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    how much did it cost u to spray the whole car matt black? I wana do my coupe but got no idea on how much paint il need n the cost lol.
  4. Snowseph Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Looks wicked man :Smile: seriously making me want to spray my car black.

    Did you have to wire up those dials in order for the rev gauge to work? Reason I ask is my EG3 hasn't got a rev gauge so I assume you need a loom for it too.
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    Ghetto mofo

    looks good bro

    wait to see the c4 slotted in
  6. Kadir Retired Motorspec Ltd

    This is the epitomy of all things ghetto fabulous!

    You are a brave soul bro for buying an EG with painted vents. Good work on the lip repairs! Them D2s came up well. They had an easy life.

    Keep up the interesting work.
  7. RapeyMcRaperton Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    looks wicked mate, love matt black cars. we sprayed my mates mini with cans, it come out pretty good!

    can't wait to see this with the b18 in it :Tongue: that lil engine lets it down. looks like a beast, should go like a beast!
  8. tanabe Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    United Kingdom tanabe looe cornwall
    this is a lesson on how to mod on the cheap
  9. Bilz Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Looks sick bro, I saw this at one if the east London meets, I'm tempted to paint mine matte black :Smile:
  10. Nick New Member Getting Started

    looking good akhi masha'Allah.
  11. Zoaib Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Thanks guys

    My car wasnt in the best shape to begin with so i spent £30-40 odd pounds in total on stuff like filler, sand paper, rust treatment etc..

    the paint itself cost me like £60 overall, buy in bulk off ebay lol

    nope, for a rev guage just get dials out of an Lsi/Esi/Vti, plug and play.

    Respect Bhai saab !

    So I made my mind up a while ago that I was gonna go Bseries, after a lot of thinking and getting second opinions, I decided to goB18, b16s aren’t really worth it in my opinion (unless its b16b of course).

    I will need to convert the carbs to injection, so I did a lotof research and found a simple method to convert without changing tanks, lines,and all that headache. It’s taken from a dude on HCF, the idea is to use thesame lines, same tank, just use an in-line fuel pump. (it’s cheaper than the tank and linesreplacement method also)


    This is the guide:

    Started collecting parts for the swap:

    Bought the complete conversion off Attique aka EG6CIVIC:


    Bought the ECU (p28 already chipped) and interior Loom


    Fuel pump from PPW, its made by QSP.

    Mounting bracket from ebay, fittings and ancillaries fromebay, PPW and




    Bought myself a goody as it was a bargain price so I snappedit up quickly:


    1” Master Cylinder:


    262 fronts, I bought drilled and grooved discs to go withit:


    Rear Hubs from an EK4, HEL brake lines,



    I took a week off work, I thought I’d atleast start theswap.

    Day 1 was around 3-4 hours work, stuck the car on axles, managedto get the drivers side hub fully off, Ball joints were incredibly stubborn to separate.


    Day 2: I spent another few hours, got the PAS side hubs offand started disconnecting the cat, aswell as working on the linkage pin. (SlowProgress I know)

    I went to Halfords to buy a punch kit to hit the linkage pinout, wouldn’t budge and it was getting dark outside, so I packed up and calledit a day to continue tomorrow
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    The remainder of the week I've got the engine ready to be lifted out: disconnected all hoses, lines and plugs. Ropes are wrapped around the engine now and I've got a Crane to lift it out thanks to my boy Majeed.

    The rear Engine mount bracket was a pain, I literally got a breaker bar, stood on the shock tower areas and deadlifted the breaker bar to break the nut loose (thats after leaving it overnight to let WD40 soak in lol)

    Interior wise, I've removed dash, removed interior loom and begun plugging in the new loom.

    Once the d13 is out, the bay is going to be painted before dropping the b18 in

    pics to follow shortly
  13. teishi Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Top build up bro, alot of hard work has been gone into that EG, keep up the good work :Wink:
  14. Zoaib Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    safe broo

    im reppin your stripes quite proudly lol

    Rightt, so i tore the tie rod end boots on both sides when trying to seperate them off the hub- this was like on Day 1. so had to buy new ones which will be fitted soon:


    Also picked up these 2 badboys to go on some rims that I will reveal shortly (it was next day delivery from camskill- superb service)


    Back to the build: took out my dash and took out the EG3 interior Loom.


    Started to fit Esi/Vti loom:



    Tow ropes strapped around D13 ready to remove:


    Now you see it, now you don't:


    (it wasnt that simple, took around an hour to remove lol)

    Finally out- Thanks to Majeed for the crane.


    Im working this week so the car will sit like this for a while.

    Need few jobs will be:

    Refit Dash

    Spray Bay

    Fit 1" MC
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    good read this is!!! from what it did look like its come along way!
  16. b16-z Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    lukcing nice good work :Whistle:
  17. kahn_v Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    learn something new everyday. i know what wheels you got but IMA stay quiet. :Tongue:
  18. Wilsonic Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Nice build man! Will keep an eye on this to see where it goes!

    Just PM me if you got any more questions :Smile:
  19. OneMoreMile. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    fuck it's coming along, except the wheels and matt black this thing is going to be good!!
  20. Majeed Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I am 95% sure that you have mounted that fusebox upside down.