Civic/5th Gen Zhain's B18C-R EG4

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    Hi guys, I've been on CivicLife for over a year now (even though I bought my EG last may) but I've been too lazy to start a build thread. I spent a long time trying to decide what car I should buy for my first car/build, obviously I kept coming back to Honda :Wink: after spending ages looking on all sites I finally found one which I liked and couldn't let it go to anyone else, so the next day I went and bought it. the little EG was slightly modded, not very well, with budget coilovers (slammed), shabby OZ Superturismos, a wee cone filter and a jap can on the back. however, underneath the car was solid! That was enough for me :Grin: I had big plans for this car, which I started in November 2013. I'll let the pics do their job! 

    When I picked up the EG, I never had my license at the time but I couldn't help myself, I had to buy it!


    Made it home with no problems



    Had the car sitting in the driveway for a while so I could clean it up a bit, these following pics are from when it had it's first clean out, the car was filthy and the paintwork is horrible, so I wasn't going to waste my time detailing it. 




    First mod, putting stickers on the rear window :Grin:


    Next, I purchased some amber corners! Here's a comparison pic


    Fitted the second one, what an improvement! Had to get some pics with them on  :Grin:  Also decided to paint the black rear spoiler in Frost White




    Started to clean the engine bay


    If I must say so myself, I done a good job haha


    Painted the wiper arm, had turned silver because of neglection!


    I noticed a major water leak in the boot, but never had a clue where it was coming from. For some reason I never looked for similar problems on the forums... don't know why haha some one at work told me where to check for common leaks and after a bit of hunting I found the bitch.


    This is how much I had to take off to stop the leak!


    I stripped out the rear boot lining and rear seats, while I was there I thought I'd take out the front carpet for banter :Tongue:


    A wee while after I passed my test, I thought I'd take the car on it's final spirited drive before the major works began


    Started by taking the D15Z6 out (piece of crap)



    After a full hard days work with the use of a socket set and a scaffolding pole, the engine was finally out! So much room for activities!


    Removed the hubs and the rear drum brakes (deathtrap)


    Finally picked up the B18C-R and MB6 hubs!




    Started to be a hoarder with some car parts (Mugen Pedals, Camber arms, JBL Sub and Alpine Amp, JBL Front components, Pioneer 6x9’s with JBL Amp, also a Pioneer headunit, a Clifford alarm system and my ITR 96 spec wheels)




    Finally motivated myself to get the B18C-R in


    Bought a Skunk2 plug cover and decided to put it on!


    Sanded the letters down on the rocker cover so they stood out


    Fitted my Red Silicone Radiator hoses



    Focused on little details and put a Password: JDM radiator bracket on, and a couple of Spoon Sports reservoir socks



    Got the MB6 VTi Hubs on along with the Skunk2 Lower Control Arms :Grin:



    Thought I'd do a test fit of my dad's BMW X5 wheels, they were that big they never fitted into the arches lol


    I had to mount my wheels on, I had to know what the car was going to look like 





    Fitted my Broadway mirror and some more stickers




    This is my most recent purchase and probably one of my favourites! I was sick of people continuously saying they hated the sound of Honda's so I wanted mine to show that not all Honda's sound like farts lol


    I'm sorry about the Instagram pics, my phone broke and I lost all the pictures so I've had some people send me pics, and I've got some from my Instagram. Follow me for more pics and updates! - @zhainmeg4. Will finish off with a current spec list :Smile:

    Engine & Transmission:

    B18CR Engine
    S9B Gearbox
    Teal Rocker Cover
    Red Skunk2 Plug Cover

    96 spec ITR Manifold
    Mugen Twinloop cat back system

    Crank Case breather filter

    Red Silicone Radiator hoses

    Fenix radiator

    Password: JDM radiator bracket

    Spoon Sports reservoir socks

    Walbro 255 fuel pump

    Yuasa Battery



    Fully adjustable coilovers
    Skunk2 LCA's
    Rear interior strut brace

    Front & Rear camber arms


    270mm Broadway mirror ITR Gear Knob

    Mugen pedals

    JBL Sub and Alpine Amp

    JBL Front components and Pioneer 6x9’s with JBL Amp

    Pioneer headunit 

    Exterior: Spoon Mirrors

    JDM plates

    Civic EK VTi-S Front lip

    Amber corners

    Aero catches

    Wheels & Brakes:

    96 Spec ITR wheels

    MB6 VTi Front and Rear hubs with calipers

    Comline discs, drilled and grooved

    [SIZE=14pt]Mintex pads [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14pt]I’ve probably forgot a lot of the parts in the spec list, but I will add them as I go along![/SIZE]
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    this should turn out to be a nice little beast

    Bro you may want to adjust your image links 
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    Thanks, pics are now sorted :Smile:
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    Thanks broooo! My wee cousin forced me to start a build thread haha lost all my good pics when I broke my iPhone though :Frown:
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    Excellent work man but not a fan of the stickers!!!!u shud get a spoon duckbill :Wink:
  7. ZhainM Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    YYeah a lot of folk say they're not the biggest fans of too many stickers haha, I want people to know I've got a good sense of humour so I like having stickers as a way of showing that! and I was thinking more along the lines of the Osaka devil wing.. but I'm stuck between the two haha
  8. kamal Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Wtvr u do, do not get a BYS SPOILER!!!!!
  9. ZhainM Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    HHaha I don't mind them myself but the duckbill and devil wing look so much better
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    Coming along nicely
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    Good work Zhain!!
  12. ZhainM Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Thought you'd like the mugen twin loop :Wink:
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    Looking good! Think that's an EK9 front lip thought not a VTIS one
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    A nice project for sure, will be rapid with the B18CR.
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    Yeah that's a EK9 style lip.

    Car looks good! Keep it comin bro
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    daaaayum , hurry and get this beast on the road!
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    Love white EG's with white 96 spec wheels!
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    How did i miss this build  :whistle:  
    Keep up the good work  B)
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    I need to update this next time I come over haha, so much more done to the car now!  :whistle:
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    Is that a b18cr block? Looks like a b16 to me