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    Now that I've had these on the car for about 6 months (and am about to swap them back to my Winter Vredesteins), I thought it would be a good time to reflect on their performance. I'm certainly no expert, but I do a fair amount of miles, and will try to be constructive.

    I'm going to use the format that @PeteMM used for his tyre review, as I thought it worked very well.

    Before I start I should caution that the tyre change coincided with a wheel change from 17" to 18" which may make a difference to some observations, as they could be impacted by wheel size as well as/instead of the tyre specifically.

    Not as quiet as the Vredesteins, or the previous Yokos, these seem far more sensitive to the road surface. Certainly not a big issue, as the car is still quiet, but something I have noticed. This may be one of the factors influenced by the wheel size change, too.

    Very good, these are nice and compliant and haven't upset the ride as much as I feared they might. Only the biggest potholes cause any real shudder, and there is no evidence of tramlining at all. Big tick.

    This is the biggest surprise of all for me - the Accord has been almost transformed! Whereas before it would tend to run wide on corners, and feel a bit indecisive, now it is sharp and precise, and gives much more confidence. Excellent.

    I've put about 10k miles on these over the Summer (not rotated) and the rears are as new, with the fronts about 15% worn, which is good stuff. I should mention that about 80% of my driving is motorway, if that has any bearing.

    Not used in Winter, so no opinion.

    As with the notes on handling above, wet weather performance, especially on the motorway has been immense. These are much more stable through standing water than either the previous Yokos or the Vredestein Wintracs, which is ironic considering how much it rains in the UK Winter!

    Haven't noticed any difference, I am still getting between 44 - 47 MPG regularly.

    Very good, as noted in the handling section above. Will be interesting to see how this changes with more wear, as in my experience the true test is whether a tyre continues to grip well when 50% worn.

    I'm very pleased. These were more expensive than some options (Hankook, Kumho, Falken) but not by that much, and they were usefully cheaper than the "premium" brands like Michelin and Dunlop. At this stage, I'd give them 8/10.
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    A very useful review @FirstHonda, that makes it easier to compare results to @PeteMM.
    I think it would be good if all tyre reviews follow this format.