Sold Yamaha R1 2005 Immaculate Garage Queen

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    Using the car template as its still relevant!

    Bike for sale: Yamaha R1 55 plate

    Mileage: approx 22000

    Condition: absolutely immaculate, complete garage queen.

    Modifications: Carbon effect exhaust, decat, 180hp+

    Location: Oxford

    Pictures: 6EEAA2A4-C81C-4A34-B9CD-B9D107C7C41A-781-000000B975FD87D5_zpsd0f5b03e.

    Can get specific photos on request

    Price: £3,995 Ono swaps considered

    Only up for sale is it just doesn't get used and it's a waste of such a special machine.

    Last year it was only ridden to an MOT and back, has been used approximately 5 times this year.

    As I have said I can get any specific photos or any further info on request just drop me a PM
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    Cheers Kadir
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    Beautiful Bike!
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    Thats nice. I could just park that in living room and look at all day lol. make me wish i could ride a motorbike.
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    That picture just shows how clean the bike is!

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