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    I have kept quiet about this to not stir up things but i have had a number of people ask what happend and it is bound to get out soon and to be honest i should have done this anyways.

    I purchased and engine swap of Xsrezone including Hubs (IBLOUD) he stated as i had asked him many a time it was a full engine conversion, i repeated a number of times "so is everything included" ,"i will not need anything my self" he said no.

    ok so the engine arrived in this condition

    it had no power steering pump ( Apparantly i could have used my 1.4)

    but in all fairness that wasnt the deal.

    it had no manifold gasket

    it had a manifold off a different car

    it had no radiator apparantly i could have used my 1.4's hmmmm

    came with no airbox at all (thats fair enough but its still not a full swap as promised)

    there was a massive dent in the oil sump

    various bolts and screws missing

    incorrect ECU

    dethreaded bolt point in one engine mount

    broken hubs

    broken timing belt cover

    the reply i got is that thats how it came its not his problem thats how it came out another car. He apparantly didnt kno it had the wrong ECU but its blatently obvious and he made rubbish exuses. Also the hubs that i purchased apparantly i asked for cheap hubs, 1st even if i did why would i ask for broken hubs secondly this is a blatent lie becuase i had hubs to purchase but he said not to worry becuase he was going to get a full brake conversion (which he didnt in the end)

    All i asked for is a refund for the ECU and hubs as thats blatent incorrect selling and i couldn't be bothered with the extra hassle as of yet i have recieved �47.50

    I had always put my trust in that company not knowing that a dishonest and selfish person had been running it.

    i will not go into details about other lies that were told behind my back to try get himself out of it.

    The point im going to make is DO not buy from this company you will get scammed and after research it had been going on with other forums for a long time.

    That is all.
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    dude thats sucks big time
  3. no1carper Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    man that sucks hard
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    man that sucks! I've used alan loads of times and have never had any issues!!
  5. Ross. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    oisky poisky :disbelief alans a sound cunt :Grin:
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    A 'sound cunt' does not fabricate vicious rumours about someone he deems himself good enough to be in competition with.

    I will avoid saying 'i told you so' to the team on here, because as always they just try to act in the best interests of the forum, its just a shame that some people abuse such hospitality.
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    Are you sure that Spectre Customs didnt have a tweek with the engine before it got to you?

    Sorry to hear about this dude...im not going to slate Alan as I only had good experience with him. I did wonder why he stopped trading on here. But if thats the truth, and you were left with all the problems than its a shame!
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    hmmmm don't worry you leo, you know you aint the only one who had a problem with an engine swap!
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    Bad news man.

    You live and learn though.
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    I've used him n hes always been fine BUT that doesnt excuse that hes given you majorly poor service mate!
  11. Bon Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    I've never bought off Xsrezone, but he did seem alright tbf.

    I asked him why he was no longer trading and in short it was to do with noobs asking him for mega discounts and bombarding him with questions; too many questions, not enough purchasing. Therefore wasting his time and he got fed up.
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    That's what he said on epcivic.com too...
  13. MeisterR Commercial Services Trader

    Well Leo, now thats its in the open, the only thing is to step forward now.

    I know it suck balls, but it will be worth it when it is finished.

    If you need any help, please feel free to let me know. :Smile:

    I actually found that quite disturbing. It feels like that "view" is taking members sales for granted.

    I like to answer questions when I can (sometime I say too much, I know :Grin: ), but to base "what you are willing to do" on sales just feel kind of wrong. :Frown:
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    I have been waiting for this to come up.

    First thing to say is that the day leo called with his first bitch before the engine was installed or anything I told him if he is not 100% happy now I will refund him in full and have the motor picked up. This offer was given several times to him and he said no man its ok I am very happy with the motor.

    So here is my reply.

    Leo got a swap from us. It was stated several times to him what exactly comes with the swap. This was discussed on the phone and msn at times way after hours. The phone would ring at 10pm or later and it would be Leo, Now you find any other person who is willing to answer their phone that late at night and talk to some one yet again about the list of parts they are getting wth their swap.

    So Leo wanted a full swap which he was told would come with the following.

    Engine. B18c JDM Type-R.


    Gear Box. S80.




    EK mounts

    gear linkage and shifter.

    All sensors.

    Inlet manifold.

    exhaust manifold.

    Then he wanted a Decat for it as well which we added in the deal.

    Then came several phone calls which he will I am sure denie but there are several people here who can vouch for them. He asked for set of hubs as he wanted to do a brake upgrade. The words from him was come on bro hook me up need to be as cheap as possible as I am broke now.

    So he got the full swap, decat and hubs for �2200 delivered.

    Now compared to other swaps thats cheaper. Here is a link to Tegiwa's swap on ebay.


    Thats listed for �2300 plus shipping. And it dosn't come with a decat or hubs.

    And it also dosn't come with a radiator like ours. Ok theres comes with a powersteering pump. We could of supplied one but needed to know what size line he had to make sure he got the correct one.

    So the motor was delivered to Leo's friend. He went through everything and checked it all he said it all looked good. This was the guy who was going to do the swap for him.

    Then starts the phone calls about things.

    The manifold isn't right. The motor had been in a customers EK9 up until a week prior to going to Leo. So it had an EK9 exhaust manifold on it as it never came with a manifold.

    Then there was a supposed problem with the loom on it. Was told there was no spark. So asked the guy to check the feeds to the dizzy he said I did there is no spark. So I tried to explain again make sure your connected right and thats your getting a power feed to the dizzy. Was told ok will do.

    Then once again late at night I get a call from a supposed HOnda Tech from a local honda garage. He said he is there to sort the no spark issue. So he tells me its still not sparking and it has to be my loom.

    So I told him to check continuity between the ECU and the Dizzy. The reply I got was "whats that?" Realizing I am dealing with an oil change boy at this time I explained you need to make sure there is no break in the signal getting from the ECU to the dizzy. He replied there is no spark.

    This went on for a few days. Then I got a call from Leo saying that he wanted money back as he has to go buy a new loom to make it work. So I told him thats fine please send back the old loom and you'll be refunded the cost of the new one. I asked what was the problem with it and was told he didn't know. The loom never came back. When I asked about why the story changed and I was told his friend fixed it but he still has never said what the supposed problem was.

    Then started the ECU issues. Now this engine was purchased from a Mikecrxsir who breaks many tegs and supplies Tegiwa and other companies with them so his stuff is good.

    It was puchased in Jan of this year for a customer. And as said before was in his car and running up till a week prior. But some how now it has a p72 ECU and not a p73 that Mike supplied us. I explained that we took the ECU out of the car and put it in the van and handed it over to his friend who checked it out and said it was correct when we dropped it all off. But now its changed.I double checked with Mike as so did another member and Mike confirmed it was a p73 as he has never broken an Si. Then i was told that we must of put in the ECU from a b18c Si motor we had. But as I explained that motor was running a chipped P28 not a p72 as I have never had one of those in.

    We started to see that it was yet another way of trying to get some money back on the swap, so yea I became tired of dealing with him. I understood that the hubs had a bad bearing so I refunded him �50 through pay pal.

    The balance of the swap was �2200 which �2180 was paid as he didn't have the full �2200 at the time when it was due and I told him he could get it to us later.

    So the story now continues.
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    Tempted to lock this down now that both parties have replied, i'll leave it open as long as theres no bullshit to accompany it.
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    I really don't like getting involved in arguments with other companies, but since I've been subject to slanderous allegations by IBLOUD that could have harmed my business, then I must share what I know. This isnt the first time engines have been sold and turned out to not be as they seem, on another forum Alan was trying to sell an SI B18C with a skunk2 inlet as being an ITR engine, and despite repeated requests to clarify what engine it was he did not. As a result he has been excluded from trading on two other forums because of this instance of a lack of honesty. Maybe that is where the P72 came from lol.
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    I have perviously ordered items through IBLOUD without any problems however it was only a lip, not a full engine conversion, however i would always be dubious about bnuying an engine unless i can inspect if prior to handing cash over, no matter what the companys reputation is like.
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    As I said in the post before that engine was running a CHIPPED p28 not a p72 so maybe you should read before posting up.

    Do we need to bring up your proffessional operaton of calling people to get address for them and then threatening their wife and kids over the phone.
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    I ordered an ITR S80 from IBLOUD at a cost of
  20. Gary. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Reopened, make sure any conversation is kept FACTUAL and not spouting shite