Civic/5th Gen X3's EG project

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    Got my first Civic at the weekend, its an EG ESi. Its got 89k on the clock, rust around arches and just needs some TLC really.

    Got it back about 4pm on Sunday, the interior had been stripped so decided to put all this back in, took about 45 mins. Thought i'd leave it at that for now till I got a bit more time.

    Got back from Work Monay and decided to check out the rear supsspension as I was told this is what it failed on, on its MOT. Off-side looked ok, so left it, near-side, the shock was wobbling at the bottem, decided to try and strip it down but alot of the bots are seized. I've unbolted the LCA, the shock from the top and also the arm, all i've got to do now is disconnect the bake line & handbrake cable, once I've done this tonight i'm gonna get the setup in the shed, strip it down, replace all bushes, LCA's and shocks will be replaced with coily's :Smile: (when funds arrive)

    Will put some pics up hopefully later on tonight.
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    nice one sounds promising.
  3. X3_VTR Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I'm hoping so, got some nice plans for it, its just pulling the funds together to get it done. But i'm sure it will get there in good time.

    What do people thing to Cream / beige with gold wheels and polished lip? will it go ok? opinions
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    Ordered my D2 LCA's last night, can't wait for them to come and get them on the car, also ordering my Coilovers today at some point. Just need to respray the rear trailing arm, put it all together then its all ready to go back on to the car.

    Next - Trip to the body shop.
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    dude if you want more views and comments PICS PLEASE :Tongue:
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    Will try to get some up tonight then, just shots of general car and what needs to be done.
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    ahh my lil ol EG! hope this all Goes well for you dude! can't wait to see the progressssss Cream with gold & polished lip was wat i was going to go for! HOPE u can pull it off it will look sick. good luck dude !