Write off or not?

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    3 weeks ago I was innocently sleeping in bed when high winds caused a tree to land on the roof of my car causing this damage...



    The car is a 2007/57 Honda Civic Type-S diesel and the panoramic roof is cracked in two places and split the whole length of the glass and as you can see the roof/pillar dented.

    I was instructed by 3 different people at my insurance company that the car would be written off as any damage to the pillars/roof are a total loss, I doubled checked this with them as I told them I couldn't afford the excess just after Christmas to which they all said don't worry about it as it would be a total loss and the excess would be deducted from the payout. I asked them about purchasing another car to use and if I should do so in case I get this car back and they all told me that it would be a total loss.

    I then went out and bought a cheap run around to get me back and forth. I had to tax it and insure it etc .

    Yesterday I then heard from the engineer. He told me that the car is borderline total loss. He then asked me how much I payed for the car and when. Once I told him how much it was and when I bought it he then went on to tell me that the car would be repaired. Leaving me having to pay the excess of £550.

    This has now left me £550 down for the excess , £800 for the replacement car (as no courtesy car) , £99 for tax on the replacement car and two cars in my name.

    My insurance company have left me with 3 options...

    Option 1: Pay the £550 excess and have the car repaired.

    Option 2: Have the car back with the damage and it will have cost me nothing (apart from being advised to purchase another car)

    Or option 3: Sell the car to them for salvage price.

    I was lead to believe that the car would have been a write off and now its not.

    Has anyone been in a situation like this?


    Does the car look like a write of with the damage caused and am I intitled to a 2nd engineers report?

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    I would have said you would be lucky if they're repairing it, my 02 reg was written off in similar circumstances in 2012 (storm damage) sunroof smashed, windscreen and wing mirror cracked, dent on edge of roof above drivers door, cost of repair was est 3.5k same as what I paid for car 2 years earlier, insurance payout cleared off remaining finance and I got a cheque for £600
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    you need to ask them to give you recordings of where you were told by the different people that it was a write off. So if it isnt a write off then they need to do something about the second car you bought when you didnt have to.
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    Wow... talking about bad luck!
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    I know.. Bad luck like loves me! Ill ring them tomorrow and keep you posted.
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    You're probably in too deep now with the insurance company - I personally would have priced up the parts myself and got several quotes for a repair before doing anything. You could fit a new panoramic roof and just drive it, the pillar would repair no problem, but now you've spent a grand on another car then you've probably shot yourself in the foot
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    Rang the engineer today to see if another glass could be fitted or is there more to the damage and he told me that 'the damaged pillar would need to be repaired before a glass could go in' so i then asked him if he has looked at the mechanism that the glass sits in and he told me that he has never seen the car only the pictures sent to him..

    Can they really asses damage through a photo?

    To me that sounds bizzare!!
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    had this as well, they wanted pictures of the wing damage to my old coupe, sent about 3 different angles, hour later they phoned back saying they were going to write off...
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    To be honest, you should have waited until you received a definite answer before buying a new car. They all said 'it should be a total loss' but no-one confirmed it.

    The way it works is, the cost of repair needs to be over 50-60% of the value to be deemed a total loss. The cost of a new glass roof and pillar repair would not be 50% of the value so hence why they have chosen to repair.

    You could have still used the car in the mean time - there wasn't anything stopping you. The glass is laminated so wouldn't shatter all over you.

    As Graham27 mentioned, you could have also got some repair quotes yourself and given them to your insurer. If they were happy with it and the quotes were from a insurance recognised garage they could have gone along with it and paid for the repair.

    If I were you, I'd either sell your runaround and pay the excess for repair. Or keep your runaround and still pay the excess for the repair, then sell either car once the repair is complete. The car will not be categorised anything because it is not a total loss claim.

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    A manager rang me back tuesday 27th telling me how sorry he was that they asured me the car would be a write off. He then went on to say that he would either try and get the car written off (but he may not be able too) or waver the excess. Promised to ring me back the day after , gave me his personal number and his name and im still waiting to hear off him.

    I've rang about 30 times through the week/weekend and today. Got through to someone else friday and they told me he would be in touch with me first thing monday morning. I rang him at quater to 11 another 2/3 times still no answer.

    I thought id go through the normal way and getting through to a customer service adviser they spoke to him and he said he'd get back to me before 12 oclock and im still waiting.

    Moral of the story NEVER GO WITH THE CO-OP
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    They're all like that mate, not just the co-OP.

    The key is to be persistent without being a nuisance :Wink:
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    What happened with this?
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