Other Model WR Blue Subaru Impreza Wagon

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    Hi guys, I've been on CivicLife for over a year now I don't own a Honda (I’m hopefully getting an EG project next year after my 15th), my Brother has an N/A EP3 running 250 BHP, and my Father has this Impreza. The car had been sitting in a family friends driveway for over a year, whenever I asked what's happening with the car,  it was going to get broken it or sold. My dad offered him a decent amount of money, he accepted it and the car was his! The Scooby was modded slightly, it had some nice bits and pieces done to it including - 

    - A sports catalytic converter

    - Stainless steel cat back exhaust

    - Walbro 255 fuel pump

    - K&N Panel filter

    - STi bottom end

    - UK300 head

    Here’s the car when we went and viewed it



    After a week wait, the car was delivered. It had a space saver on it due to a broken spring.


    Got the broken spring replaced, and took the car for some pics


    Rear lights were tinted so they were all red, only bad thing is how the indicators now flash red lol



    Bought front and rear strut braces




    Had these wheels sitting for a year, were on my dad’s old Scooby for 8 years! Sent them off for refurbishment


    Got a nice Scorpion, rolled end tailpipe welded on because the old tailpipe was too short and burned the bottom of the bumper. Work was done by Billy at Complete Auto Solutions, excellent price, fitment and time taken to complete the job!!





    Bought a bumper protector because it looked amazing.


    Got the Speedlines back from refurbishment, placed STi stickers and tyres on them and got more pics lol






    Pic of the car at a local car cruise


    Bought crystal clear side markers and indicators and immediately fitted them! Major improvement.




    Some beading pics with the new STi scoop!





    Got the side markers wired up, wannabe USDM style haha





    wee fisheye pic


    Mixed up some paint for the calipers, turned out pretty well I think! While Dad painted the calipers, I thought I better polish and wax the wheels.




    Got an STi Grille, side plastics and foglight covers. 1 foglight cover got stolen a couple of months later  :Frown:





    Car was used as a wedding car for my brothers! Looked awesome.


    My cousin (ZhainM on here) brought his machine polisher over and kindly gave it a once over! I then gave it a good coat of wax to seal it. Car looks so clean in these pics!





    weekly wash!


    Took it to another car cruise!



    Had Viper Performance Silicone hoses fitted



    Bought some STi V7 wheels for summer, need a refurb so will be sent off soon  :Wink:


    Quick photoshop of what it will hopefully look like when the wheels are done and the car is lowered  :Grin:


    Thanks for viewing :Smile: Watch out for updates!
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    not a fan of estate scoobies but this is clean.  good work :thumbs:
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    Thanks! Wanted to try a Saloon this time but he couldn't keep away from this wagon as it was so clean and had low mileage [emoji3]
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    Prefer black wheels rather than white with the blue. real clean car. I like it without the fog covers too
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    I love scooby estates but I'm not usually a fan of bug eyed ones, rather like this though. The back end looks really nice, so clean.
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    Thanks! Just want to try something different this time, will keep the Grey ones anyway lol. Fog covers are to cover up the drivers side cracked fog light, makes it look like a rally car too  :Smile:

    Thank you, we weren't a fan either at first, originally wanted to convert the front to a Blobeye, but then we got the front lip repaired, the fog light covers and the grille painted and fitted and fell in love! Hopefully another change to the front soon too :Grin: Back end is simple, but looks good!!
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    Are the fogs expensive?

    Very true on the different scale black wheels with team dynamics seem to be the subaru trend
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    They're not that bad priced, but it's hard to find them in good condition due to the age of these now! Team Dynamics look good, but as you're saying they are pretty common haha.
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    really nice estate bud, think the STI stickers on the alloys are to big though
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    Thanks! The STi stickers were meant to be temporary haha, we liked them that much so left them on. I do agree with you though, we need smaller ones! :Smile:
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    some little updates 

    random pic


    Painted one of the pipes yellow, bay has a random colour combination now haha!


    The bonnet foam thing was really dirty, we removed it completely and I gave it a deep clean and a polish.



    All clean :Smile:


    Taken today, "Sitting Pretty"

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    Very nice. What's it like to live with? I miss my old impreza but only ever got lower than 20mpg and spares cost a fortune.
  13. am03ery Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Thanks, the car is decent on fuel when you drive sensibly on low boost, got 360 miles on a tank going to England. City driving isn't as good at 300 miles haha. it averages 22 MPG so I'm sure your one wasn't that bad! Maintenance isn't that bad either, needs a service every 7K miles but since my dad owns a garage the price is cheap. Only few things which went wrong and broke are a sandwich plate between the engine and gearbox, which caused allot of oil to leak out, and some plastic hoses for the turbo which split slightly, that caused a boost leak. :Smile:
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    where did you get that exhaust bumper protector from buddy?
  15. H2Lee Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Looks good bar the mudflaps IMO, lose them and a tad bit lower and he's onto a winner.
  16. am03ery Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Got it from HTAutos on eBay, not the best fitment but can be modified to fit perfectly.

    eBay item number: 190659454093

    Thanks, mudflaps need cleaned properly and need new STi stickers then they might look better lol. Hopefully gonna lower it soon, keep an eye out for updates :Smile:
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  18. rodney19890161 Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    That looks very cool I like the calipers work e

    very well
  19. am03ery Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Thanks. I'll have this updated at the weekend guys :Grin:
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    Where was the update!