would any one be interested....

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    In maybe attending a meet on the IOW in the new year or just after when the weather starts getting better? As some of you guys may now there is quite alot of us down here that are on the Forum and often have mini meets but tend to get over run with saxos etc If there is enough interest then i'll talk to the guys on the island and arrange a date and put a post in the meets section a bit closer to the time. Mods if you feel this in the wrong section please feel free to move as i wasnt sure to put it here or the meets section as was only really seeing if there is any interest

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    yea sure ill come :Tongue:
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    it would be a good weekend away, or atleast i could tell our lass that. and then the inevitable lie. "uh look at all them Civics, lets go and have a look love"
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    ha ha awesome

    a weekender isnt actually a bad idea then alot more people could attend and not worry about having to drive so much
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    United Kingdom George Lomdon
    No problems fella your thread is okay here, glad you're taking the initiative and doing something about it. :Smile:
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    nice one cheers :Smile:
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