woman smashed into me

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    i parked down in a shopping centre on double yellows and ran into a shop and when i come out a woman had reversed out of a bay and hit me in the rear smashed my tail light, back rear panel and scratch to my bumper the worst thing is that i know her partner so i said it would be ok for her to just pay for the damage but now she is back from her holiday and I've told her the price (£220 for paint and labour and £70ish for a tail light) she thinks this is to much and is questioning the price. 

    I don't know whats best to do? as I was parked on double yellows... would they refuse to pay? and because i have undeclared mods they could also refuse to pay?
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    IRC they'll refuse to pay out because of you parking in a no park zone plus un declared mods as you said
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    If it goes any higher (court) you're going to lose as you were illegally parked. The undeclared mods would just fuck it up more. Best thing if she's questioning the price is get her to stump up as much as possible, cut your losses and take it as a lesson in life.

    Shit happens but if you were parked legally you wouldn't be in this mess (I do sympathise with you btw).

    Hope she sorts you out with some money
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    You are a dick, they put those lines there for a reason.

    don't do it again.
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    Expensive mistake to make to save a few seconds off parking properly.. 

    Best thing you can do is get a quote from a few different body shops, then show her the quotes via email or something. 
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    Get a few printed qoates from bodyshops and send then to her
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    Nothing's ever simple or straight forward with you is it Walter?

    Always ifs and buts.
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    As it's a mate envolved i'ld ask for a 50/50 spilt better that than it getting nasty between and you end up paying out for the whole lot and maybe losing a mate
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    Lol you are fucked if she doesn't want to pay.

    Don't park on yellows
    Declare your mods

    One day you will be going on a spirited drive and a family will surprise you on a blind corner. You hit the kid, they die, you're in prison for a long time.

    I think the extra couple hundred quid for declaring is the better option.
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    This is a walter post.. unless I see custard pics, I'm calling troll thread.
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    Wrong. Insurance cover pays out under all circumstances resulting in financial loss as long as the policy details are accurate.

    In a normal insurance policy that you or I will normally have. Insurance will only refuse to pay if:

    The car is used for race/rally/time events

    Track use

    Driver under influence of drink or drugs

    Undeclared claims/convictions 

    You accepted money from someone for a lift

    You can be parked on double yellows and be hit by a car and still claim. If they refuse to pay that would be like the insurers saying they refuse to pay damage to someone elses car and your own for running into the back of someone as a result of speeding.

    Insurance is there to protect everyone financially.

    I used to work for an insurance company so this information is correct. Even if you parked opposite someones drive and they damage your car trying to get out, its their fault.

    Heres how I can help ya buddy. Call this number 08445713333, this is a company called AI Claims solutions. So long as you're insured, they will repair your car for you and bill the other sides insurance. Its a easy as that. It won't record any accidents against you that you have to declare on your insurance and is totally legitimate. I've used them and would be happy to recommend them. 

    Absolutely brilliant. This is your only option to make a claim without being prosecuted by your insurance company for false policy details. (if they want to go that far with you that is)

    EDIT: Also I think you have to be fully comp
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  12. skyinsurance Commercial Services Trader

    Why no declaration of mods?  Would you rather not have the peace of mind of declaring them?
  13. TiCo_87 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Because no mods declared is cool...apparently lol for the sake of a little extra on your insurance it's not worth not declaring. Probably won't be as much on top as most people think too
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    why not take the wench with you down the body shop and she can get a quote herself? then she can't question it lol?
  15. skyinsurance Commercial Services Trader

    I think it's backward. 

    My engine swapped 300BHP car is insured for £350, mods declared, staff discount of course BUT Run it through a price comparison site and the cheapest I get as a standard car is £450, mods declared (I can't even selected half of them) £1500!!

    No brainer 
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    It's your own fault as you were parked on double yellow lines.

    That might not be the case legally, but I hate you for doing it.
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    She hit you, she's in the wrong, she should pay. The illegal parking thing is abit rubbish, but then even if you were in the car with hazards on, she still drove into your car and damaged your property, so should pay for your losses.
  18. Effi Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    It doesn't matter where you were parked, she hit you. I'd just get 3 quotes, which is the expect norm, go back to her and show her these quotes and ask for the money.
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    Does matter if he was parked on double yellows! I had this a few years ago and my insurance paid out even tho he was parked illegally. Its the fact he stationary and I was moving regardless to where theyre park. I was driving without due care and attenion in the eyes of the insurance company :Messed: needless to say on the next years insurance , it went down, how or why are none of my concern lol.

    But on another note, declare ur mods for peace of mind if anything.
  20. JUJUN Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Sorry to hear this happen. You're lucky she had offered to pay out in cash, cause my aunties front bumper recently got caved in by my (former) friend, who's also her relative, but he refused to pay despite all the witnesses. Since it was family, taking it into court would be over the top. <br />My suggestion to you would be taking 50/50 like you already mentioned just to make it a little bit more affordable to her and cause you should've declared your mods lol