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    Last week the Jazz has got her winter beauty treatment, spread over three noons. Next year i'll do it definitely a month earlier because the days were too short now. Due short in time there are very few iPhone (sorry) photos.

    What she got:
    - Snowfoam (Monello)
    - Wash (CarPro Reset) 4 times :Grin:
    - Clay (Dodo Juice Supernatural fine detailing clay and DJ Born Slippy clay lube)
    - Cleanser polish (Poorboy's Professional Polish)
    - Glaze (PB Black Hole)
    - Sealant (Finish Kare 1000P paste wax)
    - Windows (Turtle Wax Clearvue Rain Repellant)

    Further used: HP washer with foam lance, two 20ltr buckets with grit guards, APC (Frosch - Natural pH neutral all purpose cleaner Green Lemon), brushes, Microfiber Madness Incredipads and other wash mitts for lower parts, Carpro Fat Boa drying towels, lots of microfiber cloths (Carpro edgeless, Serious Performance, Monello), masking tape, DAP900 V3 with white and black pads, white, black and red hand foam pads.

    And although i have bought a dual action polisher last month i decided to use a cleanser polish for now instead of correcting polishes. I had too less time, am new to machine polishing and had to do it outside in this weather winter time. That will be a spring job...
    Rubber and plastics will be done this weekend with the 2nd layer sealant for the same time reason. The summer wheels will be changed next week for her snow boots, so i have a whole winter to clean the summers. :Wink:

    After Pro Polish:

    Next PB Black Hole (in May i used PB White Diamond and i was curious about BH on silver. :Wink:
    This was under the carport of our neighbor because it started to rain.

    And then it was too dark to make a photo after the 1st layer sealant (2nd this weekend when it's not raining). So this one is from the next day (late afternoon) when we went out with the doggies.
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    Fantastic effort ! She's looking top notch :Thumbup:
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    Incredible finish
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    Thank you!