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    Daughter-in-law - "Grandad". Me "Yes". Her "The windscreen washers have stopped working - what do you think?" Me "I suppose you want me to fix it? Her "Yes please". Well, Grandad did fix it and this is how, in case you have this problem too.

    Daughter-in-law's car is a 2013 CR-V 2.2diesel EX spec, manual.

    First thing to check was that the reservoir had water in it - it was full. Second thing was to listen to hear if the pump ran when the washer function was activated - it did. Third thing was to split the joint in the tube where the pipe goes into the bonnet and blow air through the pipe to the windscreen nozzles - clear.

    In the meantime modern girl daughter in law had been on the internet and found a video of a chap in North America fitting a new washer pump and this was a useful guide.

    Jack up the car at the front offside, remove the wheel and do whatever you do to ensure the car cannot fall on you. I find my wife glaring at the car is sufficient protection (see note 1 below).

    The next step was to gain access to the reservoir and pump by unclipping the front half of the off-side wheel arch liner. Trim removal tools useful here plus one cross head screw to remove (my electrician's cross-head screwdriver is a reasonable fit) and one bolt (in front of the front mudflap thing). The liner can be jiggled out from the surrounding bits (make a mental note of how the bits interlock for refitting later) and held back with a bit of string, elastic, passer by etc.

    The washer reservoir is now visible but everything you need to reach is out of sight on the forward side at the bottom.

    The first thing I did was to feel for the two pipes attached to plastic spigots and pull them off. Persevere gently here as they are a tight fit and you don't want to break the spigots. Once free, the pipes fitted nicely into a floor-standing bike pump and pumping air through the pipes showed that there was no blockage in the pipes/nozzles.

    The next step is to identify the pump ( a vertical cylindrical shape) and pull it upwards gently which withdraws a plastic spigot from a rubber bung. At this point if all is well in the reservoir the contents will run down your arm and onto the floor. However, in this case nothing happened.

    However, on removing the rubber bung the contents of the reservoir did run out. The bung incorporates a filter which was completely blocked by what I can best describe as slime. The attached photo shows the slimy filter. A few minutes gentle cleaning with a nail brush and cold water had the filter cleaned up. We also ran water through the reservoir using a hosepipe to flush out any debris.

    Refitting is the reverse of removal, as they say, and was straightforward (even for me).

    We refilled the reservoir and the washers are now working properly again. Not sure why the problem occurred but this car had been unused for some time when my daughter in law bought it.

    So there you are - a nice little job for a sunny afternoon.

    Note 1 - This was a joke, surprisingly. CRV screen washer filter.
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    Well done, watch the paintwork if the wife glares at it accidently!!