Other Model Wide Arch Aristo Project

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    Thanks for the commets :thumbs:

    They're SSR Koenigs. Fronts are 18x10 ET22 with a 285/35 tyre and rears are 18x11 ET22 with a 315/30 tyre haha! They'll still need spacing to get the sitting flush with the arches as well ha!
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    nice! that's mad, got to love a meaty fitment.
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    Big update happening! Car is in for spraying, colour is finally decided on and should have it back in the next couple of weeks! Primer should be going on today. My old man popped in to send me some update photos from the spray shop as I’m currently away with work… Again!

    24605668254_f7a24962df_z. IMG_9343 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    24609542653_2ae58f101b_z. IMG_9342 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    25143144871_b542ae2004_z. IMG_9341 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    25236346785_cf06eeb539_z. IMG_9340 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    I’ve done some more progress on the wheels, got the lips finally fully polished up and started to reassemble them!

    24605711554_286a815f51_z. IMG_9196 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    24868699809_bfc7fe9aa9_z. IMG_9068 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Hopefully next time I post an update it will be back from paint and possibly have the wheels on…
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    *drool* them wheels *drool*
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    Haha! Thanks :thumbs: I haven't even test fitted them yet, can't wait to see them on the car!
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    So. much. want.

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    Update on how Shamu is getting on, good news is it’s all painted. Currently being wet sanded and polished to get the best finish possible!

    25066166659_881c73deed_z. IMG_9453 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    25433736515_6c4dcdb1d2_z. IMG_9454 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    I picked up the headlights from the spray shop to give them a wet sand and a polish as well.


    25407575286_17ece38afb_z. IMG_9455 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    800 Grit

    24803150224_238f6bf48c_z. IMG_9456 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    1000 Grit

    25138126270_ec564813b6_z. IMG_9457 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    2500 Grit

    25138120500_f3a305c890_z. IMG_9458 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr


    24803132064_72d58b1168_z. IMG_9459 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr


    25433695225_4502dfd1e9_z. IMG_9460 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Before & After

    25433688455_6acb3cbbf3_z. IMG_9463 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    All finished!

    25315344812_666c363159_z. IMG_9464 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Should have Shamu back by the end of the week hopefully, then it’s time for the wheels!
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    Why not spray the headlights with UV protective lacquer as well and then polish? 

    You know it would make sense and would near enough eliminate doing it again! :Smile:
  9. Kyron Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom kyron Wolverhampton
    Coming along well.

    defintely need to do my headlights , mines pealed  :huh:
  10. naDiel Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Kyron like I sad get them sanded with 600 grit, 800 grit, 1000 grit and rattle can attack with some UV resistant lacquer - then let it dry and attack that with 2500 grit and compound and they will look better compared to when they came out of the factory!
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    Just a quick update on progress, I’ll let the picture do the talking!

    25374597802_54a46d0f44_z. IMG_9497 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Finally finished one of the wheels! All torqued and the new valve put in place, only 3 more to go haha!

    25374591802_d6b7a56207_z. IMG_9501 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr
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    Im in love :Grin:
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    Haha! Thanks! Going to be applying for JapDay Show and Shine and Players when I get it back. Is there any other shows I should be applying for?
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    If you're at Players do let me know dude! :Smile: its like 30mins from my house :Grin:
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    Will do  :thumbs: Just hope I get accepted haha!
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    Went to the body shop to see Shamu last night…

    25607794575_496fe5342e_z. IMG_9581 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    I’ll spend the weekend finishing it off as I’m off on another job for the rest of the week.
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    Ohh shittttt :Grin:  
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    Me needs a bad ass black car...

    Mouth waters when seeing this!
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