Other Model Wide Arch Aristo Project

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    Not sure if my project will be up your up your street or not, but here goes anyway!

    Beginning of this year I was after a new project to keep me busy and this Toyota Aristo came up locally. I had been looking at GS300s for a while, and this having the 2JZGTE in it made it much more appealing. The only problem with it was the rusted rear arch however that didn’t really bother me with the plans I had for it.

    First weekend of owning it a service was carried out along with a machine polish.

    17936052670_96aba023ab_z. IMG_0749 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    The standard wheels then went back on as I’m really not a fan of stretched tyres.

    17503224913_a5711ccc99_z. IMG_1274 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    New tyres were then put on the Rotas, and after a long wait the wide arch kit I ordered finally turned up!

    17937577729_3a312c4c14_z. IMG_1680 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    17936447338_99711b9c26_z. IMG_2084 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    The rear arches were then cut, welded, seam sealed and then undersealed to make sure the rust would not return.

    18123837505_bb6f2668cb_z. IMG_2365 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    17501319194_09d30e9fbf_z. IMG_2371 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    17501354364_da83b650d3_k. IMG_2373 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    17936248970_e6a96294cc_z. IMG_2376 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    18097501556_3444c70fc8_z. IMG_2378 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    A quick trial fit was then carried out on the rears.

    18125084261_34e39387ac_z. IMG_2380 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    The front arches were then trial fitted along with the wheels with the new tyres, they still need spacing and some camber added. But it’s a work in progress!

    17936386420_d95887b9e4_z. IMG_2545 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    The arches were then riveted and sealed on and the car lowered back down.

    17503686193_18ff338a67_z. IMG_3117 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    18125325881_554f6c5a57_z. IMG_3118 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    18124295835_99e33768ba_z. IMG_3120 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    17936628100_9b61fe6015_z. IMG_3165 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Next was the big stage of prepping the car for paint.

    17936011960_2287924789_z. IMG_3839 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Fitted a TTE front lip I picked up off a friend as well as lots more sanding and filling ha! I've also decided to de-spoiler it, just seems to flow a bit better without it.

    18339756131_545c7608d4_z. IMG_3972 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    17717631753_574e44109a_z. IMG_3975 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    18150551990_31d1c0a786_z. IMG_3977 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    That brings it up to date. It should be going in for a full re-spray beginning of June hopefully. Then the final touches can be added ready for a few shows this year!
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    I like this. Hurry up and finish it. FINISH IT. 
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    Haha! Thanks

    Still got some more wet sanding to do but it won't be long now!
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    Moar please!
  5. M4TT Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  6. jjenningsjj Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    As soon as I saw that username I knew what you were gonna write ha!
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    United Kingdom kyron Wolverhampton
    This should look boss when finished
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    This is awesome.
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    very nice indeed!
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    Have you had this painted yet ? Updates! Lol 
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    Spose I should update this a bit even though not much has happened!

    New coilovers have gone on as the old ones weren’t the best!

    23250733826_db65e6a199_z. IMG_5750 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Got the ride height just how I wanted it, also did a couple of things like fit new anti-roll bar bushes to freshen everything up.

    22648435224_3e0939648b_z. IMG_5751 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    23276850535_4c9c8ef404_z. IMG_5755 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Went for wider front tyres, it’s now got 285 fronts and 315 rears.

    22980992990_1d8cb7e095_z. IMG_6068 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    22649703113_18ecac267d_z. IMG_6113 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Standard wheels look kind of sunk in haha!

    22649714533_41d5400485_z. IMG_6049 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Then me old man decided to reverse into a wall, another thing to blaady sort!

    22649718053_792fce473e_z. IMG_5756 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    Haven't had a chance to do much since this. Needs an MOT but where I've been out of the country for pretty much 2 months now I haven't had the time.

    Plan is get it MOT'd, new split rims on and then in for paint in the new year. Just gonna pay a premium to get a perfect job and chuck it on the credit card haha!
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    Can't wait to see it painted. What colour you going?
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    Just going the standard gloss black. I did consider a metallic but I'm not 100% sure on that idea :dunno:
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    anymore updates on this, it looks a beast!!
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    Yes also up my street! Loving the meaty tyres!

    Get it painted ASAP! A REALLY dark blue would look great?
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    Finally been able to get Shamu MOT’d and back on the road. After working away for 4 months I’ve just been too busy to be able to get any progress done. Since I’ve been home I’ve given it a full suspension refresh with new ball joints, track rod ends and bushes etc. drives so much nicer now.

    The only interesting thing that’s happened is I’ve got the centres of the new alloys back from the polishers! I can’t wait to get these on now.

    24297083229_4401e83c60_z. IMG_8443 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    24037978363_726dfe5451_z. IMG_8441 by Josh Jennings, on Flickr

    It’s booked in for paint end of next month so will be show ready very very soon!
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    can't wait to see this done ! 

    Some wide as muther wotsits there! 
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    Not sure how I've missed this until now! Love it. Definitely in for updates.
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    wheels look sick! whats the specs on them?