Engine & Gearbox why the hell are old ass shed of looking Civics so expensive!

Discussion in 'Honda F/H-Series' started by Mabs Kadir, Sunday 2nd Mar, 2014.

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    From what I understand he doesn't want a Civic at all. He just came on here to bitch about the one guy who put a high price on his car.
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    Buy my ep2 for 1.5k :Smile:
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    Look at the Drift scene to show what popularity can do for a car. AE86's used to go for around £1500 and then since drifting and Initial D became mainstream the prices have rocketed and your looking at 5k for a shonky one , the same has happened to S13's , S14/a's , R32 skylines , MX5's and Soarers will be next.
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    Some people do ask for some stupid prices for their Civics - but then fortunately there's enough sensibly priced ones around to keep me happy!
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    How about people not moaning about how much the seller puts their car up for, if you don't like it, move on, no point creating a thread and venting anger over it.
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    Awww thanks, kind of you to notice bro. Since you've been so nice, of course you can borrow them.

    I'll even throw in a nice present from Rapey :Smile:
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    Do you have downs or something?
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    I like this guy
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    Sounds exactly like me!!

    I had a 500 BHP Soarer TT, Follwed by a 450 BHP V8 Supercharged Soarer!

    But it's expensvie when tuning them, parts are harder to come by and they aint the most reliable cars! nor the lightest!

    I decided to get a little Civic as a cheap as chips fun toy for weekends and such. The cheap as chips bit went out the window when I decided it would be a good idea to supercharge it but hey ho!

    Civic's are sooooo much fun and they love being driven hard! You can fix them on the drive, and parts are readily available.

    For the cost of the build of my Civic I could have got myself any number of cars, but I sum it up like this......

    Smile per mile I'm sure it would take a lot of car to beat a little EK4 with a charger :Smile:
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