Civic/4th Gen White CR-X vt restoration

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    Got this CR-X vt tonight, previous owner started to strip the car to do a k20 conversion but lost interest. My plan is to build it up standardish with just a few aftermarket bits ie suspension, wheels and exhaust. Have most of the bits for the car, I just need a gearbox and a few other small things but iv plenty of work to do in the meantime.

    Original arches and sills, all the spodwelds on both arches which is nice to have on this 80s rex

    Few pics below, better ones to come when I get near the car in daylight b8111b207b4aa720ac35d5e274c68e31. 375a868ad6e504d3cf9e31c512dc26b7. c67b070b876259d9cb5add50c0cd77b9. d20b2a688801e605f34365923cd54f64. 6ebcc363cdf7bca5f3b5b958c3fde0bf. f19b3cc639833a3ff7fa878439abbab5. 552f24db25e70b292e31483eefe698b2.
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    Took into one of the back arches tonight, stripped back the sealer and wire brushed the imner arches and outer lips. Found that the inner part will need some work, iv a mate says he has a new inner arches so probably will put one in it. Im considering completely bare shelling this, will definitely be putting it on a spit as i want to remove all the sealer from the underside and redo it, started removing sealer in the rear arch, not the nicest of jobs at all :Frown:

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    good progress pal
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    Yea i want the car done in a few months time, thats everything painted. Need to get a spit sorted ASAP so i can start cleaning the underside of the car.
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    Good progress again mate .. Certainly got your work cut out !
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    Bit more prgress today with stripping the underside. Few pics of more rust lol

    There is a bit of work in it, stripping the underseal and gettin the underside cleaned real good is going to be my biggest job, not actually that much welding to be done at the shell, all the pannels are perfect. View attachment 21541

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    This Jake Howells old Rex? He was for kswapping one?
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    It is indeed. He was saying you tried buying it?
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    Did I?.. I wanted the rad not the car. Previous owner did some grinder job round the fuel tank last I seen it.
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    Well so jake was saying. Aye the cut floor is annoying but will fix up perfect with a bit of time spent at it?
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    Bit more progress with the restoration. Stripped everything and burnt the bushings out. So alls near ready for blasting, will be getting all the bolts and exhaust heat shields anodised/plated, anyone ever got calipers done?

    Also has anyone got brake disk backing plates/ dust guards? My fronts are completely rotten and the rears aren't too hot either so looking a sound set before i buy new ones

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    Progress has been slow with the resto but iv been doing a few hours at it each week, have some bits cleaned up pretty good, il keep at a while longer before it sees primer. Also have gathered some parts, energy bushing kit, some strongflex bushings for the ones energy don't do and iv OEM quality rear trailing arm bushings in the post from jap service parts. Also got blueprint front wheel bearings, top arms, bottom balljoints and drop links also braided brake lines, mint rear bumper, standard airbox, front splitter, mint leather steering whrel and a VTEC centre piece for the tail lights. Il let the pics do the talking. Sorry for the poor quality phone pics.

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    Good progress.