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Discussion in 'Tools & Equipment' started by Galgo, Wednesday 3rd Jun, 2015.

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    Although my car has a spacesaver wheel and a jack, it doesn't come with a tool to help me undo/tighten the wheel nuts!

    I was thinking of buying one of those wheel brace crossbar things, you know the ones with the different sizes at each end. But I really want something that will help me to undo the wheels without spending all day spraying WD40 on the nuts or jumping up and down on the bar lol

    Can anyone recommend a good wheel nut removal tool? I'm guessing I need a breaker bar of some kind?

    Just don't want to spend the money on something only for it to be complete carp...
  2. Ichiban Retired ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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    19mm Deep socket with a breaker bar will be sturdy and will last you a life time

  3. Nighthawk Club Moderator Club Staff

    I have used a crossbar brace for absolutely years. Never ever had a single problem with it
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    Honestly, I'd consider just grabbing a standard one from a breaker - they do the job well. A breaker bar might be a bit cumbersome to keep in the boot.

    When it comes to removing wheel nuts, I always like something I can stand on and put my weight behind when needed :Laughing:
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Is there a particular breaker bar make that's good, or is a Halfords or Draper one alright?

    @DeviateDefiant yeah I'm gonna get a standard one as well. I guess someone lost/nicked the original one somewhere along the way.
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