Body, Paint & Styling Wheel Arch Rust

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    03/15 car was in for service by same Honda garage, but different technician who gave same comment on the report, 2014 also has same comment on report.
    I noticed it about a month ago whilst cleaning, can't recall seeing it prior to that, but accept I may have missed it.
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    Sadly mine has rust on both arches and I have that classic dilemma of do I don't I.
    Guy at my spray shop said many Japanese cars suffer the same water ingress between the crimped arches and for a proper job needs cutting out.
    Do I chuck 2-250 quid at it and see it come back in 18 months or so.
    To be fair my car is a beater but generally the rest of the bodywork is okay, will be much better once I have my DA polisher.
    Im hoping top keep her for the 2 yrs as part of my busy life, use her for work and running around kids and dogs etc.
    Its a dilemma
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    I had mine done, one cut out (they used a Ford Focus pattern arch) and one filed. Get prices as it won't be cheap.
  4. Eande2 Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Just to update this: I had a protracted disagreement with Honda uk, after initially saying my car was (quote) “too red in colour to repair” they eventually agreed to cover it under warranty. Their own body shop advised them that it needed cutting out etc, but they would only do a surface repair. The body shop said the rust would return in six months, Honda uk gave me a 100% guarantee that it would not (!).
    The surface repair was done, looked great, but 6months later the rust returned. At which point Honda said they didn’t offer any warranty on paint repairs.
    Based on the above, I wouldn’t bother doing it unless you were going to do it properly.
    I still own the car and the arches look a bit of a mess, but I’ve kind of just got used to it now.
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    Mine are a little bit rusty, but it is all over the arches. It began last year I think so structurally it's still good.
    Can I sand it, use rust binder or similar and paint it?
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    It really depends on the extent of the rust.
    Best practice is to remove all the rust, apply rust primer or something similar add filler if required and then prime and paint it.
    Blending paint on a old car is not easy.

    Have you got pictures of the rust?
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    Whatever you do act soon. I delayed and it cost me lots.
  8. Zebster Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I decided not to bother repairing/replacing my Accord engine when it lost oil pressure, mostly because a rear wheel arch was beginning to rust through from the inside and looked terrible.