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    Does anyone know whats missing from my centre console drinks holder thingy.. I've took a photo of the spring underneath that is sticking out... cheers :Thumbup: 20180831_183009. 20180831_182931.
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    The bit in the middle of the cup holder, there should be two tabs either side, (like the one you have on the left hand side of the part on your picture.

    Looking here you can buy the entire piece for £31.99, or you can probably find it cheaper on ebay or something.
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    Cheers Chris i might even check the local scrappy
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    United Kingdom Leics
    Speaking of centre console, is the armrest supposed to be spring loaded?
    Because on mine if I let it drop when I close it it just drops like a rock.
    Sorry to high jack your thread.
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    Mine is the same Lucian.. takes me fingers off haha
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