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    My local motorist centre has suggested a product called Pro Seal Black RTV Silicone Instant Gasket to use on the car.

    I have just seen a Honda product called Honda Bond 4 at an astronomical price of £16,50. Nearly three times the price of the Pro Seal.

    Honestly - What's so special about this HondaBond

    Would the ProSeal be just as good or what

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    RTV can block oil passageways, Honda probond is a different thicker type of sealant.
    Where do you intend on using it? If its oil related I would go with the Honda-bond for a few pounds you might prevent your engine being damaged by an oil pipe being blocked with RTV
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    Hi Bounder
    Thanks for your reply.

    Now I know a bit about the makeup of this stuff it makes sense to go for it doesn't it.

    The old adage of You Get What You Pay For comes to mind!!

    The HondaBond is not for this job, but I am having to remove the Rocker cover so I am going to buy a new Gasket at the same time from a Honda dealer. I have noticed that these gaskets are sold either separately or with the small spacer/gaskets as well. The Guy at the parts dept said that they very very rarely get asked for anything other that the outer gasket only which at 23 quid is cheaper than some of the gaskets for sale on the net.

    Have you had any experience of these gaskets. Do you think he is right in more or less suggesting I don't bother to replace them as well as the main gasket.

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