what happens to your car when retards can't drive and are not patient

Discussion in 'Steam Room' started by EK-Leo, Saturday 7th Nov, 2009.

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    thanks for looking
  2. Bong Guest

    Fuck :Frown:

    What happened?
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    i was pulling out of a road into a juction car on my right let me go so im waiting in middle car on left lets me go then some inpatient cock desides to overtake the person on my right who let me out to turn right at the lights later on where junction splits into two. doesnt see me and flys right into me like a douche. another thing is its probably going to be classsed as my fault due to me pulling into a junction but theoritcally he was in the middle of the two roads and i have a witness so fingers crossed if not thats 3 years no claims out the window.
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    Witness on your side should hopefully swing it your way
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    Yeah you'll have a big upper hand with the two witnesses, they've given you the way out onto the road and the third car has taken a blind eye to it and gone around - all goes well should be ok. Good luck :Smile:
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    ye man fingers crossed this month has been total stress mate, moved house, changed uni course, got ripped over by a trader on here, and now this plus im skint. but i got my life so im still smiling.
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    btw forgot to mention the people that let me out drove off so only got a witness who workes in the hairdressers opposite
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    shittt man hopefully things will get sorted. you car is lush as well! im sure it'll be sorted for you soon
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    Ouch mate, that's never good to hear - just keep your head up and you know things sort themselves out in the end.. Everyone goes through shit time, a typical 'this is england' moment :Wink:

    Well hopefully the witness you have will have a clear enough story and the driver who hit you will see what has happened and not be a royal pain in the read end about it.
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    Thats shit, what a muppet for doing that some people do need to be patient plus learn how to drive! Hope you get it sorted.
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    should be ok doesnt look like theres too much damage anyway...