What Civic coupes are there?

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    I know there are a few different types of Civic coupes, but what are they and what are the differences in the cars?

    I'd like to know as I have a thing for the Civic coupes =P
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    If you look under each "generation" it will show you the models that were produced

    I think it's a bit sketchy on UK models though, refers to US a lot
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    It's not bad, but it doesn't give a decent amount of info.

    the two coupes I know of are the EJ6 and the EM1.

    Are there anymore?

    And what are the differences?

    I don't really like wikipedia for car info as it doesn't explain it very well.
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    If you click on each Civic link, it'll give you a list of the UK cars for that period (but no Honda models, i.e. no EJ/EK/EG etc)
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    well i'll try and help but will prob be shot down for my info....

    1995 coupe ej2 only available with 1.5 multi injection manuel or auto

    1997 coupe ej6 (frog eyes) 1.6 SOHC 0r the 1.6 VTEC (sr model i think)

    2001 coupe em2 don't know anything abt it 6th generation i think

    2007 coupe 7th Generation JDM Type-R i think, nice but rare

    there is my oh so basic run down of my coupe knowledge. most of the coupes on here are the ej2 and the ej6. ej2 best shape IMO but low on power ej6 u get more creature comforts and a bigger engine.

    hope it was some help......
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    That's the basic gist of it^^^

    You've also got the EM1 which is the 99-00 one IIRC? I don't really know about that but i think they're VTi's as well, don't quote me on that. And although you get a bigger engine in the EJ6, Justin on here has mullered mine last time we went to mims. the 1.5 EJ2's aren't half bad.
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    EM1 is a VTi 1.6 DOHC VTEC, came in both manual and auto, only one in the EK shape Coops with a DOHC
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    USDM y0! Not a Type-R I don't think, but it does have a K20 engine.

    I'd love one 8)
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    7th Generation is the em2 01-05 D17 engine


    8th Generation is the si coupe 06-09 K20 engine


    i doubt you will find a 8th Generation coupe in the uk, you would have to import from the usa, regards to the 7thgen you can pick them up for about 3-4k in good nik
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    Woooo,me wanting the blue one *drools all over computer*
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    Sent to me via PM. Wanted me to post the pics, so there we go...
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    They are 4 door saloons!
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    I know, I mentioned they were 4 door saloons and he still said to post them.


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    SPAm the thread with unrelevant pictures............. why don't you loll
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    I'm sure there's more if you want them lol

    Just realised how many pics there actually is and edited them to links, people can check 'em oot if they want.
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    hellllllll yeah i did :Grin:

    my cars thaaaa shit!