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    Hello everyone,

    WE ARE BACK. And even more importantly, the issue which has plagued the forum for over 2 years, that has bewildered numerous developers, that has caused years of frustration upon frustration, the images. Well, the images are now completely and utterly FIXED. :Yahoo::clap::party::mosh::Drums:

    Yup, that's right, it was our very own @DeviateDefiant and @SpeedyGee who trumped everyone else and fixed the images. Amazing coding work done over the past weekend, hours and hours of troubleshooting, of constant communication, but we are pleased to announce that the images are all fixed, DIYs all recovered, and everything now secured so it won't be lost anymore. And as for that list with 23 topics to be discussed - that's also been sorted and battered back into submission :boxing:

    In light of the main issues being fixed, we feel that now is the time to update everyone fully on the current plan moving forward from here.

    Honda Karma as you know it will soon be closing as a company and name within its own legal right, and will be amalgamated under H-Tune's umbrella. Leo's been the driving force behind both projects for many years, taking over H-Tune at the beginning of this year after running the show with Scott since the early days of this forum, and now he wants to bring the two halves together. I know he has a lot more he wants to say on this - but here are just a few points to start:
    1. H-Tune, and subsequently the forum, will be moved onto new server architecture as soon as reasonably possible. We moved at the weekend to finish fixing up bugs, and we're stable at the moment, but there will be another move required yet. There's over 2 million posts, and 200GB of data making up Honda Karma which H-Tune had to rescue from the failing server. We want the whole system as fast and stable as it possible can be – a benefit for the entire website and any members/users.
    2. @DeviateDefiant is in the middle of a massive styling update, overhauling more dated parts of the UI, updating software, and fixing every bug he finds. There will be little glitches and issues over the coming weeks as things stabilise, but I think we can all see its a massive step in the right direction already. It's amazing seeing progress again that the forum hasn't seen in years.
    3. The club will cease to be using any advertisements from this point onwards. Ever since AOC days, the forum has required the use of advertisements to help pay for any monthly server costs however come now moving it under the umbrella of an established company, a company owned by @DeviateDefiant, this cost is now being covered by the overheads of the company – meaning that adverts, which only premium and staff members were exempt from before, are now disabled for everyone. The forum will no longer use adverts for anyone, and we'll be changing Premium Membership to reflect this with new benefits shortly.
    4. By amalgamating both H-Tune and Honda Karma, it will bring with it the entire memberbase of H-Tune, one of the largest online JDM car stores to the forum, and as a result, substantially more traffic and interest to the forum as well. Those who purchase anything from H-Tune, will soon with a leaflet in every order all around the world, be encouraged to partake in the forum, to ask advice about installation of products, to showcase their builds etc. There's also going to be a lot of promotion over Facebook.
    5. Naturally, the staff from H-Tune will join in on the forum adding a new level of mechanical assistance and troubleshooting to everyone. There's 7 currently, all Honda owners. (EDIT by @DeviateDefiant: minus one learner driver! :Grin:)

    For those that do not know much about H-Tune – please allow me to explain a little.

    H-Tune is a company which is now solely owned by @DeviateDefiant, one of Europe's biggest performance part distributors which deals with all JDM marques and ships worldwide. Almost 6 tons of products have been shipped to 45 different countries in the last 30 days to give an idea of the scale of the current operations.

    Statistically, the most popular vehicles H-Tune deals with are Hondas. This is followed, in order of popularity based on sales worldwide, by Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Lexus. Why are we telling you this? Simply because Honda Karma has always been obviously Honda based, and over the years have amassed an incredible amount of Honda specific material. The forum will still remain primarily Honda based, however it has historically here been taboo to discuss other car brands, people have found themselves feeling a little ostrichised, perhaps even unwelcome. From this moment onwards, this isolation is going to stop, and the forum is going to be opened up to allow for anyone to discuss any cars they want to. While we remain focused on Honda, all car lovers will be welcomed by us to discuss any vehicle they wish, and we also hope that they will receive the same welcome from existing members.


    Some of you may be wondering what the plan is staffing wise moving forward. As forum users, the staffing structure as you already know it to be is not changing however we naturally have had to look at the staff we currently have. We require staff moving forward who are mechanically minded or those able to think outside of the box when it comes to troubleshooting. Those who are able to be active on the forums and be able to assist users with issues and, if they can't help, them to be able to direct them to someone who hopefully can. During our meeting, all staff were discussed, one wanted to step down for their own reasons anyway, and it was felt that fresh blood is being needed with staff who engage and help others with issues. As a result, at present, only @Nels, @legend-ary @SpeedyGee and myself remain. As interest increases in the forum again, we will look at more staff to join us running the forum – so we are keeping eyes out for those type of people we would like and will approach them when the “ship” has settled a bit more.

    H-Tune staff will also be joining the forum, not as forum staff, but as members to assist other members. The exact details of this we are yet to finalise ourselves, though I know Leo wants to keep the community staffed by the community.


    We have listened to you all, and prior to us taking the site offline following this post - - a number of members expressed concerns about a few issues we've tried to address.

    1 - THE IMAGE ISSUE: This is now fully fixed, all guides and garage entries are now fixed as a result.
    2 - SWEAR FILTER WAS TOO SENSITIVE: We have fully and completely disabled this filter. We are all adults, and along with this, let's all treat each other as adults, and with respect. Adults are allowed to disagree, but there is nothing stopping it being done civilly and excessive swearing is not necessary.
    3 - LIFTING OF BANS: We have lifted bans on a few members who were banned unreasonably so. We have contacted these people asking them if they wish to return. Some have returned already, some are still waiting until pretty much this very post, and others have since moved on. But you will be seeing more familiar faces again.
    4 - GARAGE ENTRIES: Garage entries and pictures are now able to be fully edited by the owner of that garage entry.

    There is still more to come, there are still website changes that will be happening, and more points that need addressing. If you find any bugs, please do let us know. We have spent the entire weekend getting this far, trying to prepare as much as possible for you. Most importantly, with the new team this forum will be run without negative politics and ill feelings, it's time to draw a line in the sand, the past is now the past, and as with everything in life, it's how we pick things back up and move onwards and upwards onto better things that matters - and we hope that every member here will join us in doing so.


    Any questions? Feel free to ask any of us and we will do our best to answer them.
  2. Leo at H-Tune Director H-Tune Staff

    United Kingdom DeviateDefiant Kettering
    It's been a very long weekend, since Friday I've had 3 hours sleep Saturday afternoon, and a few more today. Other than that, I've been at this keyboard smashing out website fixes and updates at a rather ridiculous rate trying to ensure we're live before the working day starts for me in the morning.

    What a weekend :beaten: I want to add a lot to what was said above...
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  3. Leo at H-Tune Director H-Tune Staff

    United Kingdom DeviateDefiant Kettering
    This forum is my online home, infact, it's what I owe everything to which I currently have in many ways. From first joining, getting to know the AOC, then founding HK with @Ichiban, joining @H-Tune, taking ownership of it after several years, and then recently parting ways with CJ here too - I feel like I'm about to finally join the two parts of my Honda life together, and for the prosperity of both too. This place taught me most of what I know, and I want to see it thrive once more.

    In the linked post above I covered a lot about being absent past year or two here, but what I didn't cover was the tax on me personally. H-Tune is a massively busy company that never stops, we continually improve, we work to better ourselves every single day with new processes, policies, offering new brands, improving stock on the shelves, improving logistics/lead times, customer service wait times, whatever it may be - and we do it while dealing with hundreds of messages requests a day, managing 50+ worldwide suppliers, and often shipping over 100 parcels daily too - some of these are full engine builds with 50+ parts. People have cars stuck on ramps, accidents on track, things go "poof" and we have to scramble to find them the parts they need as fast as possible, we advise and assist on some of the biggest builds in the world and we're held to very high expectations. I can't begin to explain how much we've achieved this year alone.

    While I've been involved with @H-Tune, I have kept that quite quiet from the forums here. I've never promoted us heavily, used the forum as a sales/marketing platform or tried to shove things down people's throats. Honda Karma is an enthusiasts forum, and I too was bought here for my love of Honda. So my first big point is this, there's a lot which isn't going to change. Yet, I also can't effectively revitalise our forum and push it forward, without the resources of H-Tune at my disposal.

    Honda Karma, will be joining H-Tune and become one big community moving forward, and it will do so with @SpeedyGee and @Nighthawk running the community here. Both are very close friends who I trust implicitly to do right by our members, both diplomatic, level-headed and amongst the most honest/genuine people I know. I state that as sincerely as possible.

    As I covered above, I'm personally under immense demand 24/7 and this whole year since taking over H-Tune has all been about building an awesome self-sufficient and capable staff team, while trying to train and delegate my responsibilities as best as possible. My personal goal is to free myself up from daily operations, to do more of what I love, working on cars - and I've got a lot on the way for my trusty old CL9 too (she's currently fully functional for the record :lol:).

    There's more to cover from our meeting on Friday yet, there's more things to announce, and more concerns that need addressing and lots of people will have questions, we will all do our best to answer them. I have a responsibility to this community, and this place is going to start feeling a whole lot fresher over the coming weeks as I fully get back up to speed here myself.

    For now, I'm going to go click that "Enable Forums" button and let you all see what we've been working on. There's a busy day ahead with more work.

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    Well done guys, looking great.
  5. RogerH69 Premium Member Club Supporter

    South Africa Roger Oxford, UK
    Great job. Thanks for all the hard work and long hours.
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  6. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

  7. Ichiban Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    England CJ Leeds
    Well done Leo to fix these issues on the forum. All the best to the new staff members and the future. I will be around not as active.
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    That's a shame
  9. andy83 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom andy shropshire
    Well done to all in getting it fixed, great to see her back up and running :Smile:
  10. SayamaAccord Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Cliff County Durham
    Congratulations fellas and well done.
    The pictures make all the difference.
    Onwards and upwards.
  11. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    For those not yet fully aware - above the HK logo, top left of your browser, there is a STORE tab. If you click that, it will take you directly to H Tune website where they have live chat support for their products.
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  12. Pottermus Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    That's a great addition. I've got lots of questions about Honda parts to ask.
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    United Kingdom Sam Birmingham
    Hello all, glad to have the forum up and running again.
    Just wanted to say well done to the staff team for getting the forum back up and running and fixing the picture issue we had for a long time.
    Also would like to add the layout looks nice and fresh, liking it already. This forum was already the best one out because of the user interface, its just got better.
    Its also nice that the staff team are updating us with each step of the way just to keep up in the loop rather just getting on with it.
    Really good work guys, Thanks. :Hey:
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    Ditto ^^^
    Well done everybody :clap::clap::clap:
    Hope you were able to have some fun sorting things out
    Look forward to the new innovations.
  15. Leo at H-Tune Director H-Tune Staff

    United Kingdom DeviateDefiant Kettering
    Thanks for all the positive words of support guys, I have quite the bug list building from you all to tackle this evening.

    I'll get as many more squashed as possible :HobbyHorse:
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    United Kingdom andy shropshire
    Leo the bugs will get less mate they just need hunting out, main thing is she got images back..
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    Unbelievable achievement I thought the forum was doomed forever. Fair play for dedicating your time to getting the bugs fixed and I look forward to seeing what's on the horizon. With the photo issue now fixed I might be around more often to plague you with many different angles of the same bloody car :taunt:
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  18. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    Bring it on, thats a challenge (although knowing you, I probably shouldnt say that :Whistle:) :Laughing:
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    Just wanted to add my thanks and appreciation for the massive amount of work you guys have done on the site, we’re in exciting times! It’s great to have the image issue fixed! Looking forward to seeing how things progress over the coming year - bring it on....:Grin::Grin:
  20. SpeedyGee Club Manager Club Staff

    England Speedy Birmingham
    Thanks, James!

    Sure should be an exciting year ahead.