Warning to anyone after an ATR, this one's a shed.

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    Phoned up about it and asked specifically how the bodywork was, they said it was pretty good, engine was good etc.

    Went up last week and it was parked on the road outside the dealer with the boot open (didn't ask why) and parked behind it, before we even got out of the car me and my mate both noticed the rear bumper had been painted... Had a look round it anyway, rear quarter had clearly been sprayed recently, was very shiny but full of grit, dust and was really orange peely. Couldn't say too much when we noticed this as the dealer was out and telling us about the 'redline' kicking in (VTEC?). Opened the bonnet and there was red paint all over the rad, coolant hoses, air con pipes etc.

    Bit pissed off by now and the dealer told me to take it out for a drive so I did, just to get a feel for what they're like, didn't drive too badly to be fair but felt a bit clunky and didn't feel as fast as another one I had a passenger ride in that I'd been to see earlier.

    Told him I had to go and look at another local one before the dealer closed as an excuse to fuck off, and his mate asked me if I'd found anything wrong with it. Told him its had a lot of paint and he said "yeah it's had a little bit". But the fact that he asked me just shows he was trying to hide something and seeing if people noticed.

    £3k too, hahahahahaha.
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Also, ad says HPI clear, be interesting if someone off here HPI'd it and asked him about it like with that white EK4 SiR a few weeks ago...
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    United Kingdom kyron Wolverhampton
    no engine shot and red grill ?

    dealerships are the worse
  5. Porker Guest

    It is HPI clear.
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    The red grill and chrome number plate surrounds would have put me off instantly.

    Good heads up, would feel sorry if someone pays 3k for that!
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    Unrecorded then...

    The paintwork really was bad! You know those little fasteners that Honda use for bumpers etc, (EKs have them along the top of the rear bumper in the boot shut, and along the top of the front grill) well they were red, not exactly hard to pop them off while it's sprayed. Not that I'd expect anyone other than Rapey to spray panels while they're on the car anyway....

    It was originally up for £2095 but the day after I rung up the price jumped up to £3k....
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    Well if the car is a shed, the seller must be a twat anyways! As he has taken pictures blatantly with the car parked on a bus stop lol