Wanted Honda Accord Alloy Wheel

Discussion in 'Wheels/Tyres' started by Heckler, Wednesday 4th Sep, 2019.

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    I need a replacement for my wheels... so I can get it powder coated and fitted to my new car.

    It's one of these.

    By the time I'd finished with them, they looked like this.
    2019-03-19 17.09.00.

    Then after a drunk, uninsured driver went on a rampage up my mums road... one of them looked like this.
    2019-08-18 22.51.06.

    The rear of the wheel isn't much better either, with cracks and bends in the rim.

    Markings on the back are like this. Enkei Wheels 2019-09-04 16.02.20.

    Serial Number of S3N 770 (B or 8)

    2019-09-04 16.02.15.

    It's a 17" rim with a 7" width and looks like a 55 offset.

    2019-09-04 16.02.23.
    And finally W90 which is the speed rating for the tyre. You can also see how the impact cracked and flaked the powder coating... It takes a massive amount of force to do that, it literally ripples the metal.

    2019-09-04 16.02.31.

    So far I've been finding a few dickhead ebayers... The first ignored messages asking if he'd sell me a single one... So I bought the entire set of 4 for £110, they needed tyres and a refurb and all I was gonna do was refurb one, and sell the other 3 on for £30 each. I sent him 5 further messages to arrange to collect and pay for them. He ignored all of them and then sent a demand for payment, when I was paying on collection... and threw his toys out of his pram and cancelled the sale 'at buyers' request... what a fuckwit.

    The second set... the seller is being a greedy git... he wants more than £200 for a set of badly scraped wheels with bald tyres and refuses to split them... That's fine... But he needs to be more realistic in his expectations and I've offered him £130 for the set without any tyres... again, all I want to do is refurb one put a new tyre on it and sell the others on to cover the cost of the refurb. So far he's also ignoring messages... But considering he's been trying to sell these wheels for weeks without any takers... He's gotta be an idiot to turn down a sensible offer.

    Lastly... I found a guy breaking a car with those wheels on... He's confirmed they're the same and we've agreed on a price of £45 for one rim without any tyre... all he has to do is put it up for sale on an auction and I'll buy it... So far he hasn't bothered.

    3 people... that's the only 3 wheels I can find on ebay/gumtree and all of the sellers seem like they don't actually want to sell anything.

    So if you see these wheels anywhere... please let me know ASAP... or if you got some of them sitting around doing nothing... I'll buy them for a reasonable price... If you're close enough, I'll even collect them.
  2. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    Fingers crossed... I've finally had a response... he listed the wheel and I've paid for it through ebay/paypal... Fingers crossed it arrives quickly so I can get it powder coated.
  3. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    Looks like I'm dealing with another fuckwit... 8 days later, still not been sent, has failed to give me the tracking number. Escalating to ebay but have to wait another fracking 9 days before they will step it. Meanwhile this arsewipe has my money and is doing bugger all to earn it.

    How hard is it to buy a friggin wheel... the answer to that is REALLY FUCKING HARD
  4. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    3rd feckin attempt to buy a wheel... Another ebay parts seller with decent feedback who confirmed that the part number was the same as my wheel... I've escalated the other one to ebay/paypal and left a neg calling them out for being a scammer/thief. But it takes ebay/paypal ages to actually do anything... Can't even escalate it to a refund until the 21st after opening the claim. So that wanker gets to keep my money for 2 weeks or more still. Utter scumbag.

    Let's hope the new one is better... it's costing me £20 more.
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    United Kingdom John LN5
    Sorry to here your tail of woe, hope you get it sorted soon.
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    It's a longshot, but if you drop us an email to sales@h-tune.co.uk with your reg/VIN, we may be able to get one from Honda - I hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    Well after weeks of being dicked around, I finally have a wheel... I found another seller by accident listing 2 rims that looked like mine... Took a few days to get a reply from them to confirm the part number stamped on the back was correct... Ordered late Monday after noon it arrived 9am this morning.
    2019-09-18 09.36.17.

    The fuckwit seller who failed to send anything for 2 weeks, is now trying to claim it was sent to the wrong address... But still cannot provide tracking to prove his 'claim' his offer to have it with me within 48hrs has been rejected and a refunded demanded. Ebay will step in on the 21st if he doesn't.

    This one has cost £23 more to buy than the other one... but given that it was here within 36hrs of buying it... I'm ok with that considering the amount of arsehats I've had to deal with in the last few weeks over buying something so simple.

    Now I need to get it powder coated, which costs £66 and buy a new tyre to match the rest... so that's gonna be another £75 roughly. Getting this wheel sorted will cost me around the £200 mark in total. But given that I spent around £560 on a full set of them just 5 months ago (4x Powder coating and 4 tyres), I'd be more than that out of pocket as even if I could sell the remaining 3 wheels I'd only recover perhaps £60-70 per wheel as they're mint condition but in a non standard colour... So assuming £70x3 = £210 means I'd have wasted £350 that I'd never get back and still need to sort out replacement wheels for the new car because It's got the disgusting stock ones on rather than the optional Enkei/Penta ones that were available... Which could easily set me back another £500-600 to buy, refurbish and fit tyres too.

    By spending £200, I'm actually looking at it as saving £150 in real terms and I get a set of official Honda rims on my accord that were part of the extras available when it was new.
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