WANTED - Good Condition coilovers/ lowering springs for Civic EJ9

Discussion in 'Chassis/Suspension' started by HondaSenses, Tuesday 30th Jul, 2019.

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    I am looking to lower my Honda Civic ej9 sport. If anyone has some good condition coilovers or lowering springs that arent too expensive, that will feel comfortable and lower the car nicely.

    I'm looking to spend around max £270. I know i probably won't be getting coilovers for this price as they're more expensive, but thought i would add just encase someone has some they want rid of.

    Wanting the car to sit nicely above my wheels. Not slammed, but i want it to sit around the attached photo I found. Not sure what mm that is lowered by if anyone has any ideas? Would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Or if anyone knows the best springs/ coilovers near this price to lower my Civic with no issues with the long run. I daily drive my EJ9. And want to eventually take it to some tracks but not smashing it hard everywhere aha.

    Let me know thanks.

    About how Low i would like the car :Smile: