waitin for a ban in the post

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    was sittin in traffic in the city centre wen i was readin a txt and two pigs came over and told me 2 park up. they took all my details and looks lik 3 points ar comin my way the problem is i all ready hav 3 point for speedin i only hav lik 4 months and i would of been over my 2 years am soooooooooooooo f*kin guttteddddddddd
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    that sucks man! can't think of any ways you could get out of that one dude! police are being super picky at the moment with it being christmas and stuffs!

    feel for you man! really do!
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    challenge it in court and plead not guilty so it gets adjurned,the proccess usualy takes ages in which time youl prob be over your 2 year period. just an idea.
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    Looks like you'll be doing your practical test again

    Tbh you know the law, so no sympathy
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    was your car stopped, if your car was not moving they CANNOT win in court,fight it all the way mate
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    did you get cautioned?
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    You'll have to do your research but i'd fight for it in court besides you wasnt actually on the phone chatting
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    harsh days mate,, wounded 4 ya
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    thats beside the point! your not supposed to use your phone at all! we all know the laws of the road so be prepared to put up with the consequences if you break them or stupid enough to get caught doing so :Whistle:
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    you'll get a revoke and sit both your tests again

    nae luck

    i wouldn't even bother fighting it, because even if you're not driving and the car is running, its still an offence to use your mobile phone...
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    United Kingdom George Lomdon
    You were caught using a handheld mobile device while your car was switched on and you were in the drivers seat therefore you are responsible for your actions, you have a liability to keep an eye on the road at all times, so regardless if you're just reading a text, or just even putting the phone away if it's digging into your gentleman's area you're gonna have to take responsibility for your actions. Now there are ways to prevent you from being banned, you just need to convince the majestrates that you were just putting your phone away and that you looked at your phone because you didn't want the phone to make an outgoing call because one of the most common buttons is 9 on a keypad, now you wouldn't want to waste the emergency services time would you? So you were just checking that you didn't and was putting it away. Say it was a moment of stupidity and appeal to the court why driving means alot to you. Also wear a suit and speak smartly. Good luck

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    well said!

    wearing a suite makes a big diffrence as it shows your personality!
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    sounds like its happen to you ching
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    United Kingdom George Lomdon
    ex police officer, I know my way around the system and how to spoon feed the crown prosecution :Wink:
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    the thing is though....its not a ban he gets....its just a revoke, so he'd need to appeal that they only gave him 2 points or something as regardless of what the court do...its still 6 points and you need to resit your test within the first two years!
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    United Kingdom George Lomdon
    he won't get a ban thru the door, it'll be dealt with in a ways of a court hearing, so you'll get a hearing date, in which case you plea not guilty, then you come back on a later date to get your point across, so trust me, it'll work :Wink: