General vsa abs warning lights sorted

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    United Kingdom mark BIRMINGHAM
    Well where to start bought the car a couple of months ago with a very noisy cam chain bit the bullet and got honda to replace it
    ouch!!!!!! . just after that the VSA and ABS lights came on and stayed on .£2000 at honda no way found a company on forum ECU testing
    took the unit off the car and sent it in to them came back a week later bolted it back on bled the brakes re connected the battery fired her up
    wallah no lights sorted just under £200 with postage what a life saver that was. While I was bleeding the brakes found the rear offside suspension spring was broken bought a new spring only one because the other had been changed by the looks of it. I was told always change them as a pair. Anyway tried to undo the bottom of shock mounting bolt would not budge. took it to mt local tyre fitters and asked if they could get it on the lift and get some real leverage on it
    still would not budge even with some heat on the nut end. I guess thats why they only changed the one.So don't know what to do next with this problem.
    Love the car though long time since I had anything nice to drive.
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    Great result with the lights keep the company in mind incase anyone else had a problem like that .
    First thoughts on the nut ? Would grinding it off be a problem